Celebrating Our 50th Podcast Episode: A Review of the First 49 Episodes, Announcing Exciting Changes to Come, and Our Vision for the Long-Term Impact of Unbundled Services

February 20th, 2018

Below is the transcription of this episode from our Unbundled Attorney Mastermind Podcast. You can listen to the entire episode by clicking here.

Welcome everyone to the show. This is going to be a unique episode in that this is not actually an episode at all. I would like to call it perhaps an “in-between-isode”, or a moment to pause and reflect on these past two years of podcasting the launch of the Unbundled Attorney Mastermind podcast was way back on the 6th of April, 2016. We’ve been running this podcast for two years now as I’m recording this episode, and we’re launching an episode every two weeks, and we are on the brink of our 50th episode.

I want to take this opportunity to first take a look back at what we’ve accomplished in just two years has been incredible, it exceeded all expectations the impact this podcast can have, the amount of people that have been following it, and the types of suggestions and strategies, and all the different ideas that have been shared on the show over the past 49 episodes of 49 attorneys and experts all across the United States. Also, I have a huge announcement that I’d like to make in just a moment.

A huge announcement that we are really excited about as it relates to the next 50 episodes of this podcast. This is something we’re committed to continuing to move forward and continuing to expand, and the podcast is going to evolve to become a lot more personal and help you get to know our attorneys even better, and connect even closer to our community and become part of a community that you can interact with and communicate with. Before I do that though I just want to recap these last couple of years, and then as soon as we do that recap I’ll announce what’s coming here in our anniversary, 50th anniversary episode, which is going to be a milestone for us, and also a catalyst for entirely new possibility with the show.

Just a couple quick things here, first of all after 49 episodes we have had almost 50,000 unique downloads of the podcast with almost 5,000 downloads the last month alone. It’s really been started to take off in the past three to six months especially, but just been consistent for month after month after month as well, but really ramping up lately especially now that we’ve been you know on a few other podcasts, has been shared with several legal incubators, and many of our attorneys as well. We don’t advertise this podcast, the only way this podcast gets out to listeners like yourself and attorneys like yourself is if shared by you.

We really appreciate your participation not only in applying these types of services and Unbundled services and working to make your practice more affordable for the average family, but also sharing these strategies and sharing this podcast with attorneys that you know and in your community, so that other attorneys can, in turn, start to offer these services and learn how to do it effectively and profitably as well. I mean it’s one of the keystones of making Unbundled legal services work, and impacting access to justice is making sure attorneys like yourselves can do this profitably and make it scalable model to the masses.

This podcast has been a great resource as we’ve heard from many of you for learning the nuts and bolts, the strategies, and getting up to speed on what it really takes to offer and build a business and a practice delivering Unbundled services to the vast majority of clients that are not in position to invest in your $5,000 upfront for an attorney, and still you know to be able to do that in a really effective manner. Just really excited about the reach of this podcast has had and certainly really excited about the next 50 episodes. During these last 49 episodes, we’ve covered so many different topics. It really just … wherever level you’re at in building your practice we have episodes that can speak directly to how to get to that next level.

For example, we’ve had a number of episodes on scaling up your practice, going from solo practitioner to maybe a small firm with two or three attorneys, or even more hiring staff, delegating tasks and really starting to leverage your time. For example, we had Rhoda Naidu and her partner Jayshree on the podcast, the episode was called Scaling Up Your Practice, How to Expand From Solo Practitioner to Small Law Firm In Under Three Months. That episode was recorded about a year … little over a year and ago, year and a half ago, and they’ve continued to work with us, and now from, I think at the time we recorded that episode they had expanded maybe brought on I think three or four new contract lawyers, and we’re just about to expand Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The last time I checked spoke to them you know a week or so ago they have I think either six or seven lawyers now. They had to knock down the wall in their building to expand the first time around when we first talked to him, now they’re buying up an entire wing of their entire complex in order to support the growth of their firm. Just really exciting success for them. We’re looking forward to having them back on the show at some point soon. They’re going to come to our retreat later in March to share the story but also love to having back on the show to talk about this growth and how they’ve been with successfully scale. An excellent episode there, it’s a great resource for how to go from solar practitioner to small firm, they were accomplished that in just three short months.

It was really exciting to see that unfold. We have a couple other episodes on scaling as well with David Gross, son of Vancouver Washington, was called chronicling the journey from a new solo practice to a small firm limited appearances hiring contract lawyers, and scaling up a practice. In this podcast, I’m going to link in the show notes to podcast episodes that if you haven’t checked them out already you can go straight to it based upon the themes or the practices or what you really most want to learn about. We’re going to organize by theme, and then link them into the show notes. If you want to learn about scaling, if want to learn about sales, if you learn about automating or streamlining using legal technology, we’ve got episodes for all these things.

Another one for scaling was called: Expand your practice in your regions using contract lawyers and a virtual client enrollment intake and management system of Alex Keenan, so we’ll link to that Matthew Beach was on the show, maybe a year or so ago talking about how to master the consultation, and the selling strategy that he used to generate $250,000 Unbundled leads in a single year, and also his use of contract lawyers to help him expand that. For sales, we have episodes like Tera Lee s on a San Bernardino called proven cell strategies to convert more leads and eliminate No-Shows. He developed a strategy that has completely eliminated no-shows from his practice, and walk through it with me live on the show, and we even role play it so you can really get the new answers to how to explain the way he enrolls his clients, such as they no longer not show up for the appointments.

Then an entirely different approach to two sales and converting, which was Brian Picarello episode … he has a background as a social worker, and so the episode was entitled Experienced Social Worker Turned Practicing Attorney, Active Listening, Cultivating and Communicating Empathy, and Understanding the Lifetime Value of Each Client. In my mind, this is one of the most underrated, or under-listened to episodes in our entire podcast history. If you haven’t heard it, I’d strongly recommend it. We’ve worked with Brian for many years.

He’s tracked all the numbers from the clients he’s worked with the referral business he’s gotten from the clients as well, and really speaks to the lifetime value of delivering Unbundled services to his clients, and also he’s a great communicator from which is sourced from his experience working as a social worker for many years as well. Then, of course, we also talked about automating, streamlining, legal technology, how to build a much more efficient practice. We had Rebecca Fuller on the show recently, in an episode entitled 21st Century Mobile Lawyering, how to utilize legal technology to build a high volume, streamlined, a location independent practice, location dependent meaning that she can literally operate her practice from anywhere in the United States, anywhere in the world, really.

For example, she travels with her daughter, she operates her practice in Las Vegas, her daughter has auditions in Los Angeles, and she goes with her daughter and spends a couple nights in LA, brings her laptop, brings her headset and so forth, they want to bring her practice on the road, because it’s completely cloud-based, and doesn’t even miss a beat. We’re entering a new modern era that where attorneys can really empower and build a tech-enabled, streamlined, automated and very efficient practice by utilizing legal technology, and it’s just a resource-rich episode we’ve linked to all the different resources, out of that episode even created a resource page on our blog at blog.unbundledattorney.com, with links to Evvo.  You can just click resources on the blog a section of our website. Go to unbundledattorney.com/blog, or just click blog, when you go unbundledattorney.com, and they just look for the link to your resources, you’ll see a list of all the resources that have been mentioned on our podcast with links to all those you know all the technology, and the tools, and the books and the websites and everything else that has been shared. We’re just going to continue to add to that resource list so that it’s really designed to be kind of a one-stop shop, by all means, the Unbundled resource center, provided by the ABA as we link into that Unbundled resource blog post, is an incredible resource as well. Be sure to check that out, and to check on our resource center as well for any additional tools and things you want to learn about.

As far as automating streamline we had Robert Buchanan, talking about automating your client follow up email management software, how that can be a really powerful tool to automate the follow up that otherwise may not ever take place. I can keep going. We had CEO of [Lexaco 00:11:19] on here, we’ve also had a lot of brand new lawyers on the show that were able to launch their practice corporately working with us, being able to provide them with that we provide, but also just implementing Unbundled services from the get-go. We had Lauren Kerry from Biloxi Mississippi in an episode called Launching a New Practice Straight Out of Law School, overcoming a fear of streamlining intake, and improving access to justice by limiting the upfront retainer.

The second episode was with Andrew Burgess, also straight out of solo practice called launching a new solar practice from law school graduate to 65 new paying clients in three months. We’re seeing a lot of attorneys coming out of school, looking at the job market and just not seeing the opportunities that there once were three times as many lawyers per person than there were I think was … I want to get my statistics t right. 20 years ago, or maybe in 10 years ago. There are three times as many lawyers now as there were 10 or 20 years ago, I have to look at the webinar on our website to double check those statistics but just is obviously a lot more lawyers from a law school, and a lot more competition as well, and a lot less people hiring attorneys.

I think it was 1971, one percent of people were going unrepresented in the family courts, and now it’s closer to 60, 70%. There’s like three times as many … three times fewer clients that are in a position to afford the four representation retainer, or five to $10,000 upfront. Three times as many fewer clients, and three times as many lawyers competing for that business. But then again, as this podcast is shared for the last two years with 49 different attorneys, and of course we have hundreds of attorneys working across the country, you don’t have to compete for that small chunk of business when that 60 to 70% of clients are more than happy and just you know would be eternally grateful for you to be able to offer services that can fit into their budget and there are ways in which you can do that exceptionally profitably is this podcast is showing.

Just really excited about all the different episodes we’ve had on there. We’ve also had a number of attorneys discussing how immigration and Unbundled Legal services work together, there are limitations and there are also ways in which you can provide much more affordable services and much more accessible services by leveraging legal technology to streamline the document preparation one the unique advantages of immigration law is that it’s federal. It’s going to be the same across state lines, cross-county lines and so there’s a lot of legal technology nowadays that enables you to offload the intake to the client, allows them to fill out some questionnaire online, or you can complete those questionnaires yourself by interviewing the client.

Then that information can a populate right into the forms, because the forms are made virtual by the software, and it really starts to streamline and make the delivery of that document service and getting the forms completed a lot faster, a lot more efficient and that’s super key when it comes to improving your margin, and also bringing down the cost of what you need to charge and still have a great profit margin for very different types of immigration services. We’re going to have a lot more discussion of that coming up here soon on the podcast. I’m not going to spoil our next podcast episode, but we will be talking a bit about immigration law some of the areas in which Unbundled can’t happen because of … with litigation types of issues dealing with litigation clients

Some of the limitations around limiting the scope of your involvement when it comes to litigation matters in immigration, but there’s also a lot of really creative ways, our attorneys are also helping clients by offering pay-as-you-go types of payment retainers, where they don’t have to come up with the whole amount upfront, and the space out the payments. Also, by delivering document services, by leveraging the legal technology as I’ve described. We had Jamila Little come on the podcast recently in an episode entitled a new area of immigration lawyering, how embracing technology and affordable pay-as-you-go pricing and significantly increase profits and accessibility to legal services, a really powerful episode.

We also have Vanessa Wilson come on some time ago as well, I’ll link to that episode too, which was Unbundled legal services an immigration services building I think it was streamlined Unbundled immigration practice. There’s just so much information here, so many great episodes. I will link to all those mentioned as it relates to those themes, so that you can now connect and catch up on any episodes that you’ve missed, or you want to learn more about, re-listen to really plug into all this on resources and information, and training that has come out of these last two years. It’s just been an incredible run. With that being said we have some announcements to make here.

Over the past two and a half weeks we have been in Vancouver, British Columbia then Seattle Washington, San Francisco California, later, Los Angeles, then San Diego, then San Francisco, and then Florida. All in the space of about ten days. It’s been a crazy wild trip, so what the heck are we doing here. Well, first of all, we went to Vancouver Columbia for the Unbundled conference was called How To Build A Successful Unbundled Firm Law Practice, the trainer was of course Windy Muston, and who we’ve also had on the podcast, who’s the father of the concept of unbundling. He’s come on the podcast and shared the background of how the word “Unbundled” was founded.

I’ll link to that show in the podcast as well, if you haven’t heard that but that’s literally how Unbundled services came to be, and how he was really involved in the implementation of the first ethics opinion that was developed by the American Bar Association back in I believe it was 1994 authorizing attorneys to deliver Unbundled Services in their practice. He’s been involved in this for decades and has been a great advocate for the expansion and implementation of Unbundled Services both across America, but now also in Canada. I believe this was the first you know National Canadian Bar Association Training on Unbundled Services.

I could be wrong, it might have been done before this, but it was really exciting it was a core group of 20 or 30 attorneys up in Vancouver, Washington, actually Vancouver Columbia, talking about how Unbundled Services is working really, really well, and a lot more attorneys are starting to embrace it, embrace it in Canada, and having a lot of success, as a result, enforce, give a great training on some of the ethical considerations, some of the best practices, if it’s a role play on how to handle the consultation and so forth. Starting to see these training happening more often. We have another one coming up that I will be traveling to in Chicago, and it looks like I may be speaking at on the 4th and 5th of March 2018.

It’s being put on by the AFCC, which is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, which can mean Chicago again March 5th and 6th, I’ll link to that in the show notes. It’s going to be training also by [inaudible 00:18:44], a two-day national training in Chicago. There has been … I think it’s been since we have the better access through Unbundling conference in Denver, back able as an October really awesome conference probably a hundred and fifty lawyers there. Also, of course, members of the bar association, judges, people involved in the judicial process, that was an incredible event before that I think it had been almost a decade since the most previous training. This year alone we’ve had the better access to unbundle Conference, Force has been doing the training up in Canada.

Now we have another national conference coming up in March for two days. Full two-day training being offered in Chicago by Woody who’s doing that pro-bono, just to support that organization, and also make these you know this training more available to more tourneys. We’re really starting to see him. I have been in this industry providing Unbundled Services through our network of attorneys, and just working to legal services affordable for over a decade myself as well. It’s clear to me that this is starting to pick up a lot of steam, and a lot of momentum and I am excited to be a part of it, we were to be a part of it. We’re excited to be contributing to building this community. That is why we’ve been all through these cities it’s because right after Vancouver we went to Seattle, Washington to film our very first video podcast.

Video podcast basically just means that not only are going to be able to listen to the podcast, just as you always have, just like you’re looking to it right now through your podcast app on your iPhone, or through Stitcher, or on the browser of our website unbundledattorney.com/podcast. I’d really encourage everyone to get a podcast up on your phone, so you can throw in a pair of headphones or connected to your Bluetooth on your phone in your car so you can just listen to it on the go and as you’re maybe at the gym, or in your commute, or while you’re doing some drafting or so forth in the background. It’s a lot easier for you to consume the pocket episodes, or you can throw it on in your browser listen to it that way as well but, I like to listen to it from the podcast app out of the Apple iPhone app.

The video podcast you also can listen to, but now the video posts we’re going to … we’re bringing our video crew in, we got a full set of three different camera angles, full lighting and were interviewing or attorneys in person. Then the podcast, the video podcast version is going to be uploaded to our channel on YouTube, which you can find, you can just go to YouTube, search unbundledattorneyyoutube.com/unbundledattorney, will probably get you there but these to search on YouTube for Unbundled Attorney, you’ll see some of our videos on there, and there what you want to do is subscribe to our channels, the Unbundled Attorney YouTube channel and then you’ll get notified as soon as we release each new video podcast so.

You’ll have it on the audio, but also you can watch the YouTube video podcast, and then you get to see myself interviewing in person the attorneys, the Unbundled attorneys that were working with, or any other guests of our show. This is really an effort to start to make personal and more you know real life, what it is that now attorneys are doing all across the country to serve people that you know otherwise would go unrepresented by attorneys that aren’t willing to offer these options in their practice, and doing really, really well as a result and meet them and see them in person. Sit down, look at their eyes look at my eyes and get to know who it is that’s behind the voice, behind you know the website, behind all these clients in these interviews.

This is a real community of lawyers just like yourselves that at once in most cases didn’t offer Unbundled Services, started to tap in the podcast, or have a conversation with us, or went to a training of witty or you know whatever another way she perform got exposed to the concept of a limited scope it made sense to them, and then they learned we they need to learn to start actually implementing in their practice and have seen just awesome results from that process. We really this year, we’re making a more a double down commitment to really building a community so that you no longer feel like you’re alone in this process of learning how to work with clients Unbundled, how to do it effectively, how to get around the technology. We just had Mark Brinkworth on the show.

I think it’s the most recent episodes called Modernizing Your Legal Practice. He just talks about how challenging it is at times to embrace technology when … He didn’t grow up with a smartphone in his hand. He had a whole life before he became a lawyer. He had a number of other professions, martial arts, and he was a police officer, and only became a lawyer later in life. Adapting to all those new technologies has been really difficult for him and he’s very transparent and honest and open about that on that episode. We’ve been encouraging, and supporting him, and he’s gradually evolved as practiced in it made a huge difference as a result but it’s not easy, and it’s not easy without support, it’s not easy without guidance, it’s not easy without other lawyers that have gone through the same process saying, “Hey man, you can do it too.

This is how to get it done, this is how I did it.” In my mind and as far as our company philosophy and what we want to create that’s what we want that’s what we want to foster is the opportunity for you to connect with other Unbundled attorneys all across the country, or other attorneys providing Unbundled legal services, and share ideas share strategies, share the technology that’s working well, share all the different tools and the unique approaches, and the unique conversation, so that you can learn what you need to learn to do this effectively. Because if we all work together we fervently and clearly and … Honestly, you’re bound to believe that the problem of access to justice in this country does not have to be something … It can be resolved, it can be solved.

There is a finite number of people that are finally in family court, and if the number of people that are currently going unrepresented were able to get access to attorneys that are mobilized too, and have implemented these Unbundled services effectively in their practice, we may now have a problem of access to justice in this country in the next five to 10 years, in fact that’s what we’re committed to. That’s what we’ve seen as far as the numbers when we take 10 of our clients and send them to an attorney that just doesn’t offer these types of options, and only quotes 5,000 upfront one out of 10 maybe, maybe one out of 20 can actually afford it.

If we can send those same 10 clients or same 20 clients to an attorney that’s mobilized with technology offering Unbundled Services, has broken it up into segments, is offering pay-as-you-go and give me payment plans and just working with people based on their budget and meeting the needs of the average, lower, and middle income family. Six, seven, eight, nine, and 10 clients are getting service from these attorneys, and these attorneys are doing really well as a result financially. This is a myth that has been going on, and I think it’s one of the primary misconceptions about Unbundled services is somehow by providing Unbundled services you’re delivering second-rate service, or you delivering something that is low value and is somehow … Also, you can’t make money, because how can make money with only $500, something like that?

We’ve just shown it’s been improving over and over again. Our podcast that is just not true, and in fact it can actually be even more lucrative than only have to wait around until just those clients that have the five to 10 K, or ready to plop down that full retainer, and also the account receivable with Unbounded Services is really close to 100%, or as the average account receivable for four a presentation attorney is closer to 70%. This can really be a lot more profitable, it can be streamlined because this is task-based work, where you’re not having to necessarily get involved in litigation at the client can afford, you can limit the scope of the involvement according to the client’s needs and their budget.

It gives you a lot more flexibility, it gives the client on more flexibility, and enables you to provide service so that you know people are able to get some help, even if they can’t get all the help before a presentation, they don’t have to do it alone anymore. They can get the help they need to understand the process, get their documents done right, and make fewer mistakes and be able to defend their rights more effectively as a result. This video podcast is a step and a move in that direction to personalize, and get to know you our Unbundle attorneys in person, both you or sitting next to you, but also everyone else listening, getting to know you as well, and connecting you through on things were going to be launching.

I guess we’ll say right now, is we’re going to be launching slack channel, for active Unbundled attorneys that would like to get to know other attorneys throughout the country, opening up channels related to technology, case help, advice and creating again a resource in the community where you can tap into share ideas, and work cooperatively to figure out more creative ways and help each other build your practices and serve all these clients that are in great need of services in this market today. That’s a couple of things in the work. We’ve got video podcast coming out with our Unbundled attorneys in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, just some great interviews going to be coming out over the next one to three months, then we got them scheduled out.

That’s all set to come, so just stay tuned to watch our email, and also make sure again go to YouTube, search for Unbundled attorney, and then subscribe to our channel, so you’re notified as soon as these video podcasts start to come out, and then you can watch them live in person, comment share, and learn from each of these attorneys actually in person, and see them on video. Couple of more things to cover, again this community is really key to us we’re going to continue to be traveling over the next a few months to meet attorneys in person. Also, we’d love to start to share the stories of the clients that are being impacted by your practices.

This is something that hasn’t really been done. I think part of the challenge, and part of the reason the public isn’t really aware of how valuable Unbundled services can really be, is they don’t … they haven’t seen for themselves the impact that it can have on people’s lives when they can get the legal services they need when they otherwise couldn’t afford it. There’s you know every lawyer that we talk to, shares with our stories every single day. The clients are … they are able to help, how it impacts their children, how they get them out of environments that were otherwise not really conducive to their care, how they get access just time with their kids again, when they otherwise couldn’t afford to do so or were making mistakes or eating blocked out by the other party.

Migrants are able to you know get rights in this country when they really didn’t have … didn’t know where to turn, and we’re just running into roadblocks, or having challenges with the USCIS. Just stories after stories, after stories. We’re committed to not only empowering you as an attorney by connecting with other attorneys, giving you the greatest resources, also putting together training, that’s also some of the works I’m not going to say much about that right now, but we’re going to be working on putting together some video training that can walk an attorney from step one to A to Z on how to implement on Unbundled legal service in their practice, working cooperatively with some other attorneys in the network, and possibly [Foss Mossin 00:30:53] as well to start to get these more and more trainings out there on how to do Unbundled legal services.

This year is just you know a lot more training, connecting with you in person, building community and also starting to share the stories of how you are impacting your clients. We’re going to be traveling through the east coast in the summer, we probably might even get into you a motor coach or RV and drive from city to city and just get to know you in person. If you’d be interested in coming … in us coming to you to your city or getting know us send us an email. We’d like to start connecting with our listeners, you the listener. Let us know what you have going on. One of the things we just did when we are up in San Francisco is I did a presentation at the bay area legal incubator, which is hosted and ran by Cynthia Chandler.

Really excited about legal incubators as a facility and platform, and space an organization where attorneys that come in a law school that don’t necessarily have much training or mentorship on the business of law and also again, how to deliver Unbundled services, or able to connect with other attorneys in their communities that have a lot more experience, running a practice. Also get access to training from other attorneys on how to effectively serve modest means clients, and really start to impact access to justice by delivering Unbundled legal services and using technology and bring it on this new era of lawyering that can bring services to average or middle income folks, lower income folks across the country very profitably.

That’s really exciting as far as the legal incubators as well, and so if you have a legal incubator in the east coast, central coast wherever you might be we love to try to fit it in. I’m going to be in Chicago again March 4th and 5th and then traveling through the east coast this summer, and so we’d love to connect with you, we’d love to get to know you, we’d like to support you. This is really our mission. We’re committed to it, and we’re in this for the long haul. You’re not going to hear a story of you know how this company was sold to anyone. This is really something we’re committed to for the long term, and want to be as great of a support to the legal communities that are being developed and are embracing Unbundled services and this new era, and this movement, and making sure that they have the resources, support, strategies, training you know, and whatever is needed to make this goal a reality.

I look at Elian Mask, and some of these guys that have completely changed industries, and they just ask simple questions. He says, “Well, why does it cost you know a billion dollars to build a rocket, is that even what it really takes? Well no.” He did the numbers, and they looked at it. He said, “Well no, it actually doesn’t really cost that much if you can get the rocket … if you can launch it and then you can re-land the rock and use it again. All of a sudden you just cut the cost by one twentieth, right? Or one tenth.” Isn’t that interesting how we’re working on potentially cutting the cost the initial costs for clients by one-tenth, right? What’s the impact that can have if that was spread across the united states? Maybe again we wouldn’t have access to justice problem.

We have a long way to go you know and obviously you know we have a vision, we were all committed to that, but there’s a lot of things that have to happen or to make that happen and we want to cooperate, partner-up support any organizations that are committed to that same vision into that same possibility with our time, with our resources, with the clients we generate, through a regeneration process and our platform, through the podcast, through interviews, and sharing the show as far as we possibly can, and again, doing it with video and in person as much as possible.

I wanted to share just our intentions as far as where we looking to create as were transitioning into the 50th podcast episode and the evolution of this podcast for the next 50 episodes and beyond, and really take the next step as far as making ourselves available to be of support any way we can as this continues to grow we have a couple asks from you in order to help us with growing this movement, and expanding the reach of these strategies and this philosophy and this opportunity that unbundling presents for the lawyers coming out law schools, solo practitioners, small firms, attorneys that have been working for years, and years, and year and want to it create additional income source.

Also, just people that want to get involved in education and supporting the furthermost and development of Unbundled legal services across North America and even beyond. Number one, one of the most effective ways for us to spread the podcast is actually by our users leaving a review on iTunes. Apparently, when you leave reviews on iTunes for our show, it gets promoted to approach the broader audience. One of the things that you can do right now if you’ve been benefiting from this podcast, and you’ve been enjoying it, and it’s been helping you grow your practice and learn a lot more ideas that have helped you then take a minute take thirty seconds right now go on iTunes, search Unbundled training mastermind, find the podcast and then just click write a review.

A sentence, two sentences, three sentences. It spreads the podcast and it gets this information in front of more lawyers, and naturally the goal. Again, this podcast has been as we’ve heard from our listeners has been a great resource, and just we get a lot of appreciation and gratitude ever we go and get a lot of e mails in from attorneys about how helpful it’s been for them to really implement these services in their practice, because it’s one thing to get the concept of limited scope, okay we’re just doing things one task at a time instead of the whole thing and the actual delivery of that, once you have a client sitting in front of you. What do I charge, how do I deliver it, how do I do a limited scope retainer agreement, how do I modify that agreement, how do I end it, how do I transition from a limited scope to full representation.

If full representation isn’t working out how do I drop back down to limited scope? There’s a learning curve here and so by giving us access to attorneys that are providing this guidance and these resources across the country it bridges that gap and shortens that period of time it’s going to take for you to get up to speed and start impacting in delivering these services to your clients, and your practice so take a minute right now, if you wouldn’t mind please leave us a review, because that will undoubtedly spread the podcast out there, and then secondly share the podcast with anyone, that is an attorney that might be interested in learning how to implement Unbundled services.

If you remember any Facebook groups, or a list serve or Slack channel or anything like that where there’s a lot of attorneys that are forward-thinking, or passion about servicing clients in a more fordable way and trying to close the access of justice gap, this has been a great resource for so many attorneys, that we just feel if you would be willing and open to … If it’s benefited to you, and you’d be want to open to sharing it and some of those channels I think … the very sharing of this podcast could be you know great catalyst for bringing you know thousands of more lawyers into the practice of providing Unbundled services just this year alone were ready reaching 50,000 and were pretty confident with the video podcast.

Some of the efforts that were going to do to start getting this podcast shared you know much more broadly and doing the videos and promoting through social media channels we could get that number to 100,000 or even 200,000 and beyond just this year. We’re really excited about that possibility and really need your help. If you can leave us a review and share the podcast with anyone you know, or any groups or channels that you are part of it’s greatly appreciated, and will really help further this mission. With that, I wanted to thank you for just chiming in. We want to give you an update on you know how this last two year has gone, it’s been an incredible journey and been a real pleasure to meet so many attorneys.

We’ve had some experts on the show, as well as the CEO of Lexicata Michael Chanson. There’s  a lot of companies and groups and organizations and attorneys and bar associations and people that are getting around this movement and in contributing to it. My deepest thanks and gratitude for being a part of this new era. There is a new possibility, access to justice, the problem of access to justice in this country can be a thing of the past. There’s a quantifiable number of people, it’s in a few million, I think it’s maybe four, five, six million filings in the family court nationwide. Right now I think we’re serving in the hundreds of thousands of clients just on our platform alone.

There isn’t any reason why we can’t bring the service to 10 times as many people cooperatively, or through our platform or even beyond and start to really move the needle on the amount of people that can get access to service in this country especially for all working together and building a community around that possibility. That’s what we’re committed to, and we appreciate your commitment and continuous participation in this podcast, working it to a whole another 50 episodes and beyond, and also doing them as many as possible at least. We got the next six episodes going, and we’re going to try to do a video podcast all across the country on the road this summer, and continue to release them as a video podcast as much as we possibly can.

With the goal in mind, maybe that we could even do every podcast that we do from now on being both an audio and video podcast. We’ll see how that goes but it’s exciting. We’re embracing video technology and the opportunity to share these strategies and ideas much broader through the internet, and see what we can do to impact access to justice in North America and beyond. Thanks so much for being a part of this movement in this community, and of course you look to keep an eye out for episode 50, which will be relaunched here within the next by the end of next week, and that will be our very first video podcast of the Unbundled Attorney Mastermind podcast. Of course, I would be arrested if I didn’t say you know we are coming into tax season, and for those of you that want to grow your practice and haven’t reached out to us yet to take advantage of our generation services.

That’s where here for, it’s providing you with the clients so that you can build and grow your own Unbundled practice. It the number one complainer just …. I think it’s challenging that. A lot of attorneys face that are offering other legal services nowadays is, “How do I find the clients?” Obviously, there’s a lot out there but the marketing is a challenging part nowadays. Google AdWords, social media and all these types of things are complicated and we’ve obviously put years and years and years of work into this. We handle all of the Lee Generation processes in-house, to affiliates to outside exclusively. We don’t share them with any other tourneys.

If you want to grow your practice, or you know any attorneys really the best possible attorneys that we could work with our attorneys that have been referred by attorney work with, because you know the types of services that our clients are looking for, or what it takes to convert them into paying clients consistently. Obviously looking for just affordable options and ways to retain and trying to shred away with their cases, which their immediate need is to hire someone straight away. If you know of any attorneys that would fit the bill, or you think would want to grow their practice in 2018 as we’re coming into tax return season and really this is that the high season. It’s an opportunity to really you know step up and build your practice.

We have some cities still open and available, especially in the Midwest. Just reach out to us talk to us, we’ve never had a long-term contract. We can also give you a pretty good understanding of whether we feel that’s going to be a good work good fit to work together. We want to build long term relationships with attorneys like everyone else in our network that’s on board with providing Unbundled services, serving clients and doing really profitably so. Reach out to us, talk to us. If you want to get some more clients as well will let you know if you have leads available still in your region, and would be happy to work with you if you want to be part of what we’re doing here. Go you re to reach out to us by sending an e mail to a podcast at unbundledattorney.com.

If you’d like to connect with us over the summer or these coming months especially let’s know where you’re at, and what city is in and you know how you’re involved in the implementation, and education dissemination of Unbundled services and training. Or if you’re an attorney that’s interested in offering these options in your own practice, and get involved. You can also follow YouTube channel, by searching Unbundled attorneys, subscribe. You can find our Facebook page and keep track of our travels and the attorneys we are meeting with. We try to take photos and share what’s going on, share the podcast share any resources we find are helpful, go to facebook.com and search for the unbelted page there and can follow us and get access to resources tips suggestions and keep up to keep up to speed with everything that we’re doing.

It’s going to be an exciting year to come and look at forward to connect him with any of you that want connect with us, and furthering this mission together. Thanks so much again for participation, we will see you all on the 50th episode of the Unbundled mastermind podcast.

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Celebrating Our 50th Podcast Episode: A Review of the First 49 Episodes, Announcing Exciting Changes to Come, and Our Vision for the Long-Term Impact of Unbundled Services

As we prepare to launch our 50th podcast episode, Unbundled Attorney's CEO, Dave Aarons, takes a moment to review our show’s accomplishments during the past two years. He overviews the most popular topics from 49 previous podcast interviews. These include scaling up your practice, sales and client conversion strategies, automating and streamlining your practice with legal technology, and much more. Dave unveils new exciting updates to the podcast that will help you get to know our guests in a personal way, and connect with other lawyers in the Unbundled Attorney community. He explores the evolution of unbundled legal services during the past decade, including highlighting recent national trainings on unbundling and innovative new legal incubators that are helping to drive the expansion of unbundled services. Dave shares his vision for a new cooperative alliance of attorneys and legal professionals who will transform the accessibility of legal services in North America.

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  • Why unbundled legal services can be even more profitable than full representation
  • Why teaching lawyers how to make great money delivering unbundled services plays such an important role in promoting access to justice
  • The importance of sharing the stories of how clients lives are being impacted by attorneys who are providing them legal assistance they would not otherwise be able to afford
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