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Unbundled Attorney Reviews

Over the years, many lawyers interested in working with us have asked to hear from other lawyers we’ve worked with about how Unbundled Attorney has helped them grow their practice.

Below are some examples of Unbundled Attorney's sharing their thoughts about the quality of our leads and the dedicated support we provide:

In the last 30 days, I have signed somewhere around $175,000 in business. My average [revenue] has more than doubled. I spend more with [Unbundled Attorney] than I ever had with any other marketing source and the amount of income I get from it has changed my life.

- Joshua London, Minneapolis, MN (Criminal,DUI)

[Unbundled Attorney] saved my practice. Financially, [Unbundled Attorney] has increased my monthly net revenue over $10,000 a month. I have not ever seen the consistent … money coming into my trust and operating account like I have since I started using Unbundled [Attorney].

- Michael La Fratta, Richmond, VA (DUI, Criminal, Traffic)

[Unbundled Attorney] has become a primary staple of business for me and it really created my Criminal Defense practice in Arizona. A huge portion of my regular income now is through leads that have been generated through Unbundled Attorney. From Unbundled [Attorney], I think that [the average return on investment is around] $3,500 to $4,000 per lead.

- Erik Hoyle - Phoenix, AZ (DUI)

Working with Unbundled Attorney has really changed my life. [The Unbundled Attorney leads] are good solid leads who want a good quality attorney, so when I convert them, they are paying. In three days, I pulled in $60,000. It’s ridiculous.

- Rob Wegman - Chesapeake, VA (Criminal, DUI)

Any [Unbundled Attorney client] that comes into my office for a probate consultation signs a fee agreement and becomes a client. More often than not, the leads end up being people who we can actually help. Even if only 1/5 leads becomes a client, the revenue that we make off of that is 10 times what we spent on those 5 leads.

- Jill Santiago - Warwick, RI (Estates)

One of the things that has increased is the number of potential new clients that I have received from [Unbundled Attorney]. It has increased by at least 100% compared to my prior lead sources. I’ve increased my revenue at least by $10,000 in my first month.

- Dusty Dawn Davidson - Maumelle, AR (Estate)

[My revenue has jumped] about 3-4 times as much [prior to starting with Unbundled Attorney]. [Out of 10 leads I sign up] typically somewhere in the range of 3/4 of them. [The average client value on probate case] is somewhere between $10,000 to $20,000 per case.

- Mark Kelly, Sebastopol, CA (Estate)

[Unbundled Attorney] has brought in a lot of new leads and new clients that I previously had no connection with. Its been really helpful for me to have [the Unbundled Attorney Support Team] in your corner who is very invested in your success and is making sure you succeed with the process.

- Laurence von Barta, Middleton, MA (Family)

In the 3 months, … that I’ve been working with Unbundled [Attorney], I have probably seen about a 15-20% growth, so I’m very excited about that. The average [client value] is about $4,500. Bringing in an extra $15,000 to $20,000 a month has been great and I hadn’t seen acceleration like that ever.

- Valentia Alleyne - Atlanta, GA (Estate)

We have looked at a lot of different services. Everything that I have received from Unbundled Attorney has been spot on. [The clients] have been prepared to actually pay for a lawyer if they want good quality. You’ll greatly appreciate your ROI.

- Curtis Alfrey, Denver, CO (DUI)

The revenue that I am forecasting just from the [Unbundled Attorney] leads that I have received in the last 3 months equals the revenue that I received all of last year. [I am looking at] a 400% increase in revenue.

- Bryan Hedlind, Beaverton, OR (Estate)

[Unbundled Attorney] is the bread and butter of our business. We think [Unbundled Attorney] is the best lead generation firm for bankruptcy lawyers. The leads are excellent… and have increased our volume by 200%. 90% of our advertising fees are going to [Unbundled Attorney].

- Kevin Tang, Entire State of California (Bankruptcy)

I started working with Unbundled Attorney a month or two into when I started my solo practice, so it’s been over 4 years now. Unbundled Attorney has a big impact on my practice because it gives peace of mind that there is always going to be a steady flow of new clients coming in. This is the only service that I use for advertising. Compared to other lead generation companies I’ve tried, Unbundled Attorney is the most worthwhile because out of 10 leads about 7 convert.

- Zoe Garvin, Oakland, CA (Family)

My experience has been a positive one. I retain a ton of clients. The quality of the leads is very high. I’ve tried a lot of different services… you can get quick money with Unbundled Attorney. If you are trying to start your own practice, I would say this is a great way to grow your practice. It’s work, but it pays off in the end.

- Yifei He, New York, NY (Immigration)

Unbundled Attorney has increased my bottom line. I felt like I was being setup for success. My conversion [rate] is about 80% and [the average client value] is about $1200 to $1500. I like that [Unbundled Attorney] delivers what I ask for and their [support team] helps me interface my office system to handle [the clients].

- William Paul, Missoula, MT (Family)

[Unbundled Attorney] has reached beyond my small community. I probably generated an extra $20,000 in the four months [of working with Unbundled Attorney]. Out of every 5 [leads], I am signing up 2 or three of them.

- Wendy Moulton, York, ME (Family)

With family law...from a ratio of 10 leads that would come in, I would say 8 out of 10 of those leads were profitable...We looked at our year to date, and we made double the amount of last year. You guys saved us during this period [COVID-19]. If it wasn’t for Unbundled Attorney our doors would be shut.

- Vy Nguyen, Houston, TX, (Family / Immigration)

Last year, around this time, I was unemployed and trying to figure out whether I should find another job or practice law full time. I now have support staff because I need one; I have a law clerk and a few contract attorneys. My firm has made roughly $105,000 since I entered services with Unbundled. In July, I made about $25,000 and booked about 20 clients. I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business this big and so fast without Unbundled leads. I am really looking forward to seeing what 2021 is going to look like.

- Venese Morgan, Baton Rouge, LA (Family)

I’ve been an attorney for 20 years. I remember taking the call about 5 years ago from Unbundled Attorney. I was struggling to get clients… and I decided to give Unbundled a chance, and I’ve been with them ever since. They are an integral part of my business. The quality of the leads are great. I get 12 leads per month, and I will sign up half.

- Thomas King, Morris, NJ (Family)

We typically bring in about $6-10k in new revenue a month... Unbundled Attorney is much more effective than any other online advertising I've tried.

- Thomas Howery, Dallas, TX (Family)

I’ve been working with Unbundled Attorney for close to two years now. I’ve had a significant increase in my gross revenue as well as a more profitable bottom line. The quality of the leads is generally very good. I would highly recommend Unbundled Attorney as an excellent lead service for attorneys that want to be creative and want to provide services to a wide ranging public.

- Stephen Robertson, Greensboro, NC (Family)

I’ve enjoyed the partnership with Unbundled Attorney. Lead quality is generally very good. Each client that comes in that signs up is usually 10 - 20 times more fees than the cost of the lead and that’s fantastic. Out of 10 leads, we may convert 3 or 4… and the average legal fee [is] $2,000 or $3,000 per person.

- Stephen Lehnardt, Greenwood Village, CO (Estate)

Unbundled Attorney has increased my revenue by about 60-70%...(and) accounts for maybe $70,000-$80,000 of revenue....I've been very very pleased with the results.

- Robert Manson, St. Paul, MN (Family)

My experience has been fantastic with Unbundled Attorney. I have gotten 12 new clients in the last month and have doubled my income. The quality of the leads is excellent. I am not a risk taker by nature, so it was going out of my comfort zone to give this a try, and I’m so happy I did.

- Rita Maldonado, Chicago, IL (Family)

In all of last year, we had 9 new clients for the year. This year so far, after signing up with Unbundled Attorney, we've received 71 new clients and it's only MAY. Unbundled Attorney has been instrumental in helping me grow my practice, and we now cover most of the state of Oklahoma.

- Rhonda Naidu, Oklahoma City, OK (Family, Estate, Bankruptcy)

I’ve been with Unbundled Attorney for almost 4 years now. It’s been phenomenal. Out of 10 leads I’m probably closing about 7 or 8. The average client value is about $1,875. And oftentimes that leads to further business. We are now consistently in the neighborhood of $30,000- $40,000 per month.

- Rebecca Fuller, Las Vegas, NV (Family)

I have gotten some good quality referrals and a lot of good work out of [Unbundled Attorney]. The [average client value] is a range of… $300 and… $4,000. I have every intention to continue working with Unbundled Attorney for a long time and I recommend the service.

- Randall Gunter, Liberty, TX (Estate)

My experience has been very good. It’s helped me grow my business. I’ve gotten plenty of leads that are easily convertible, and now I’m very very busy. It’s been great. If you are looking to grow your practice, I would definitely recommend Unbundled Attorney.

- Nicolina Gillespie, Danvers, MA (Family)

In the last 2-3 months, my business has grown 300 - 400% and a lot of that has to do with Unbundled Attorney. I’m getting between 5-10 leads a week and converting at least half of them. I’ve been able to hire a law clerk to help me out with all the business I’ve been getting from Unbundled Attorney.

- Nicholas Kulik, Cincinnati, OH (Family)

This is a great way to grow your practice. I would definitely recommend Unbundled Attorney to other attorneys.

- Natasha Sherrod, San Antonio, TX (Family)

My conversion rate has been 65%, and 91% of those are for full representation. Unbundled Attorney is really helping me grow my practice and get a lot more clients, so I'm very thankful.

- Michele Bernard, Orlando, FL (Family)

[Unbundled Attorney] made it possible to pay staff, and pay my rent, … because I had a stream of potential clients coming in with legal problems, … and be able to convert those leads. There have been times in a week where I signed up every lead that I talked to. [The average client value] is $5,500 to $6,500. [Unbundled Attorney] allowed me to produce a revenue stream… to get a new law firm off the ground, without having financial struggles.

- Michael Doolittle, Boise, ID (Family, Estate)

I’ve found that the longer you stick with Unbundled Attorney, the more you create a pipeline of potential leads that come back later, so everything grows exponentially. By 3 months I had more work than I could handle, so now I’m considering hiring legal assistants and associates. My income has more than doubled.

- Maury Beaulier, St. Louis Park, MN (Family)

Unbundled Attorney has been an enormous help to building my practice. I've had it for 5 years now. It's a steady source of income. I'm signing up about 40% of my leads.

- Matt Rosen, Fairfield, NJ (Family)

My experience has been good - I've been able to develop a virtual law firm through Unbundled Attorney. The support received from you has been the best part. I definitely recommend your service to other attorneys.

- Matt Morris, Los Angeles, CA (Family)

I’ve been a member of Unbundled Attorney for over 4 years and it’s been a great relationship. I started out in an office where it was just virtual, then it went to a rental, then it went to a 3 office rental. The leads can be 5-10 per day...and the retention rate is around 30-40% sometimes as high as 50%. The average [client value] is anywhere from a $500 flat fee...up to full retainers that are $3,500 - $4,500 and up. Sometimes it goes beyond that when they keep coming back for more services.

- Maria Aguila, Jacksonville, FL (Family, Immigration)

My experience with Unbundled Attorney has been great. It’s helped me develop my practice substantially. [Before Unbundled Attorney] I had 30 or 40 clients, and now that’s multiplied to 110- 120 clients. I’ve never had a marketing program that produces better leads. They are just incredible leads. I’ve been able to see between 40-60% of the leads closing.

- Marco Torres, San Diego, CA (Family)

[Unbundled Attorney] has exploded my practice and its not looking to stop anytime soon. Thanks to Unbundled [Attorney] I hit my year long goal at the end of June and have since doubled that goal.

- Leona Krasner, Jersey City, NJ (Family)

As an attorney who is using the Unbundled system every day, it works. What you guys advertise is what you deliver. Its been a wonderful opportunity to grow my practice.

- Lee Vernon, San Diego, CA (Family)

I've been with UA for about a year and hardly a day goes by that I check my email and there isn't a lead waiting for me. I highly recommend you try this out, I believe it'll work for you.

- Lance Minor, Chicago, IL (Family)

I’ve been a lawyer for over 30 years. I’ve been involved with Unbundled Attorney…coming up on [2 years]. Probably 90% of the [leads] have an actual case that need direct representation. Out of 10 leads...if I am able to speak to them…8 out of 10 I think hire me, so that's a pretty good close rate. On a $2,500 retainer, I would say to them I am willing to accept payments, and I’ll take a $1000 retainer [up front]... and then I set up a weekly payment plan depending on what they can afford.

- Kaye Ranke - Cleveland, OH (Family / Estate)

My revenue went from $0 to $44K/mo... I was working from home and now renting 3 office spaces close to the courthouse; it's a 5 min walk. I can see the courthouse from my office. I have a secretary, an associate, and will be hiring another associate soon.

- Inderraj Singh, Bakersfield, CA (Family)

Before COVID, the usual workload was about 2 hirings in a week. With [Unbundled Attorney], I am getting 2 hirings a day.

- Gopal Krishan, Milpitas, CA (Family)

Since I have been with Unbundled Attorney, I haven’t had the need to do any marketing myself...the leads are diverse and good quality. The paid per lead is not too pricey and demanding. It only takes a retainer or two to make 20 folds or 30 folds, so financially it makes a lot of sense and has been very financially beneficial to me.

- Gabriel Sandoval, Los Angeles, CA (Immigration)

We’ve been with Unbundled Attorney for 7 years now. It’s been invaluable in generating clients for us and it’s made a dramatic change to our practice. We have tripled or quadrupled our income level over the years from what we were doing before. No other service that I've ever found can provide the quality of leads that you get from Unbundled Attorney.

- Ed Smith, Honolulu, HI (Family, Estate, Immigration, Bankruptcy)

[Unbundled Attorney] has been tremendous,… [the average client value]… is probably about $5,000. We’ve had to add another attorney and we are thinking about … adding another one in the next few months. [Unbundled Attorney] has been very helpful and gives a lot of support.

- Douglas Simmons, Charlotte, NC (Family)

I’ve been with [Unbundled Attorney] about 2.5 - 3 years...and my experience has been great. When I passed the bar I went out on my own. Today I have a firm, 4 employees and we have over 100 clients. Whatever algorithm you guys are running is very very good. Unbundled Attorney drives my practice, it’s the heart. Unbundled Attorney has brought me many, many clients.

- Dmitriy Borshchak, Columbus, OH (Family)

I have been getting a good amount of leads and a good percentage of those leads end up being clients. I would estimate that I [convert] about 4/10. I have had a good return on my investment.

- David Salvaggio, Morristown, NJ (Family)

Unbundled Attorney has doubled my caseload with paying clients. It’s impacted my practice dramatically. Working with the support team has been excellent. I’ve always had my questions answered in a timely manner.

- David Holmes, Houston, TX (Estate)

We’ve had a good working relationship with [Unbundled Attorney] for a couple years now. We get about 50 leads a week, and we’re closing anywhere between 15-20 of those. That’s about a 1/3 [conversion rate]. The average client value is about $2,500.

- C.W. Martin, Ft. Worth, TX (Family)

80% percent of the people I get a hold of end up being a client...Unbundled Attorney don’t just send you the leads and leave you out there. They give you a coach to help push you forward so that you are doing your very best.

- Corey Tisdale, Alexandria, VA (Family)

Working with Unbundled Attorney throughout the years has been fantastic. I wouldn’t have used the service for the last 5-6 years if I didn’t think the leads were consistently very good. There are other lead generation companies that I’ve tried in the past, and they just aren’t nearly up to the same level of quality and expertise that Unbundled Attorney has been for me. My take home salary now, as a solo attorney is double what I was making at a large law firm.

- Clay Wilkinson, Dallas, TX (Family)

Revenues have grown tremendously since I’ve been with Unbundled [Attorney] almost a year now. My revenues have grown 3 fold in less than 12 months. Last month I did $30,000 in revenue, and this month I’m on track to do $55,000 in revenue.

- Chris Archer, Columbia, SC (Family)

Working with Unbundled [Attorney], my practice doubled in size over the span of 2 years. In this year alone, I’ve doubled my gross revenues.

- Bridget Friedman, Orlando, FL (Estate)

In the past [5 years] working with Unbundled Attorney I’ve had to hire 2 new associates, and at least 3 new staff members. My firm is growing exponentially. We’re making a lot of money now. I get on average about 3-5 leads per day… and of those a fair amount of them are going to retain, maybe 30%. I’ve been really really happy.

- Brian Winters, Bradley Beach, NJ (Family, Estate)

We’ve been working with Unbundled Attorney for about 2 years and in that time we’ve added almost 300 clients and went from a solo practice to having 2 other full time attorney’s and several contract attorney’s. We’ve grown [our monthly revenue] at least 10 times. The quality of leads has been much better than any other service we’ve used.

- Brian Waller, Worcester, MA (Family)

I’ve been with Unbundled Attorney coming up on 6 years and my experience with the service has been nothing short of phenomenal. The leads I receive are very very solid. Unbundled Attorney has been the backbone of my practice. In my first year, Unbundled Attorney got me to about $60,000. Every year thereafter, it has doubled. In my first year I had a return on investment of over 650%. And each year thereafter, it has never been lower than 400%.

- Brian Picarello, Suffolk, NY (Family)

We’re excited and wanted to share our first day in this office with you… I laughed today because we collected in retainer agreements on the first day enough to cover the entire lease for the month on our new building. I love it. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts...we really appreciate it. And we look forward to a long term relationship with [Unbundled Attorney].

- Brandon Potter, Knoxville, TN (Family)

I decided to give Unbundled Attorney a try and I haven't looked back. I've received over 1,000 leads from them and I can confidently tell you they are the best lead generation service I've found.

- Ardy Pirnia, Los Angeles, CA (Family)

Unbundled Attorney has been the primary driver of the increase of our business and our revenue [over the last 6 years]. We typically get about 60 leads per month...and are signing up about 40%, close to half. A typical retainer for the folks that sign up is $2,000. It’s common for the clients to provide that $2,000 down, and then have to replenish monies going forward. Most clients that come to us end up retaining for full service.

- Barbara Rogachefsky, Akron, OH (Family)

I've been working with Unbundled Attorney for 5 years, and the #1 thing they've helped me with is getting a consistent source of leads who are actually looking for help. They also offer a lot of support to help you convert leads.

- Bobby Buchanan, Chicago, IL (Family)

Over the last 7 years, I've worked with Unbundled Attorney in helping my clients receive greater access to justice. If you're interested in helping more people gain better access to justice and have more representation in courts, I recommend Unbundled Attorney.

- Anthony Saunders, West Jordan, UT (Family)

My monthly income now is higher than it was before [I started working with] Unbundled Attorney, when I was at a full service law firm. It has enabled me to go back to having my own firm… pick my own hours, choose my own clients and still get a steady flow of leads every day. So I’m particularly grateful for that.

- Anthony Diaz, St. Augustine, FL (Family)

Unbundled [Attorney] has provided a source of steady income for us. Its taken me from working out of a home office to working in a 2300 square foot office with a staff of 4 and hopefully 5 soon… and the support I’ve received from [Unbundled Attorney] is phenomenal.

- Annabelle Robertson, Columbia, SC (Family, Estate)

I started with Unbundled Attorney 1 year ago with just myself, and we're now up to 3 attorneys and a full staff. I attribute our growth to Unbundled Attorney. If you are thinking about using their service, give them a call. I literally could not have done it without the help from them, it has been a terrific experience.

- Andrew Levine, Portland OR (Family)

When you’re going from making $5,000 a month to $5,000 a week, [Unbundled Attorney] makes a major impact. We’ve been able to go on vacations, ...and work in different locations. We’ve managed to be able to look into hiring a staff now, so financially [Unbundled Attorney] has made a huge impact. I think my [conversion] rate is probably 1/3 or 1/2,... with regard to how many people I’m signing up right now.

- Aaron Korson, Chicago, IL (Family, Estate)

[Unbundled Attorney has] given me … a lot more variety… [regarding] the clients that I’m getting, than I would get from any other single lead source that I was using. 30-40% of the ... criminal law leads I get convert into some kind of purchase. I have gotten leads that [have paid me] $1,000, and others that were $2500 and $3,000 or more.

- Aaron Harshman, Indianapolis, IN (Criminal)

On average, [our conversion rate] is about 30-40 percent, but there was a month where it was 90%. [The average client value] is between $2500-$3500. A common month would’ve been $5-$ 8,000. I am hitting [financial] monthly marks that I had not before. I’ve hit a $20,000 and a $30,000 [month] here recently.

- Oscar Hernandez, San Antonio, TX (Family)

'The [Unbundled Attorney] leads that I have, …, 95-99% of the time are just ready to go. [Unbundled Attorney] is significant. It supplements our client base by a substantial number. [The average client value] is between $1500-$2000.

- Chad Brocato, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Estate)

I’m surprised at how many clients I’ve converted through Unbundled Attorney. It’s provided quality leads...who are looking for actual representation and assistance. [Unbundled Attorney] has kept me afloat during Covid.

- Andrei Blakely, Baltimore, MD (Family)

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