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What Makes the Conversion Rate of Our Leads So Much Better?

Here are some of the reasons why hundreds of lawyers across the country love our leads, and what sets us apart from every other lead generation company:
We educate clients upfront, which leads to a higher lead conversion rate

The quality of a lead is measured by its conversion rate. Of those leads you receive, how many of them actually retain you for your services? The higher your conversion rate, the more money you make and the less time it takes to acquire a new client. It's as simple as that.

Based on what our Unbundled Attorneys tell us, if they take leads from other companies, they typically expect to convert anywhere from 1 out of 10 down to as few as 1 out of 50 of those leads into paying clients. With our Unbundled leads, these same lawyers now convert about 1 out of 5 into paying clients, and in many cases the conversion rate is even higher.

Our Unbundled Attorney lead generation and marketing efforts focus on educating clients about unbundled legal services and they can expect to pay for these types of options. Therefore, you will know your leads from Unbundled Attorney have been informed about the typical costs of unbundled services. To convert our leads into paying clients, you simply tailor your own unbundled service options to fit the client's financial budget. This is a key distinction that sets Unbundled Attorney apart from every other lead generation company.


Our Leads Are Exclusive

There are many companies out there who sell the same lead to 3, 4, or even 5 different firms. This makes it extremely difficult to convert that lead into a paying client. You basically have to drop everything and rush to the phone the moment a lead comes in. Then you are pressured to try and sell the client before competing attorneys get to them first. Not to mention, having 4 or 5 law firms immediately blowing up your lead's phone and blasting their email inbox is not exactly the best experience for them, either.

Our Unbundled leads, by contrast, are exclusive, which means they are not sold or shared with any other firm. When you receive one of our leads, you are the only attorney this lead has been sent to.

Not only does this make our leads easier to convert into paying clients, it allows you to relax and take your time with each lead, knowing that there won't be any other competing lawyers contacting that lead.


No Contracts or Long-Term Commitments - Ever

Most lead generation companies require you to sign a long-term contracts in order to buy their leads, often for one year or even longer.

The question is, if these companies are so confident in the quality of their leads, why would they require you to sign a long-term contract?

Since our inception, we have never required a long-term contract, and we never will.

We cultivate lasting, win-win relationships with our attorneys and so we offer new attorneys the opportunity to try out our leads without any long-term commitments. If for whatever reason you decide our leads are not a good fit, simply let us know and we'll stop sending them. It's that simple.

Ready to Try Our Leads?

To learn more about how our lead generation service can help grow your practice, and to find out if leads are still available in your area, contact us at (800) 230-5984 or click the button below to schedule a time to talk with our team.