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In the Unbundled Attorney Mastermind podcast, we interview our provider attorneys and leading experts in the legal industry to identify best practices for fielding internet generated leads. We also discuss how to ethically and effectively offer unbundled legal services and other affordable options in your legal services practice.

29 JULY 2016

Mastering the Consultation: The Sales Strategy that Generated $250k from Unbundled Leads in a Single Year

Episode 11: Mastering the Consultation: The Sales Strategy that Generated $250k from Unbundled Leads in a Single Year

In this episode we interview provider attorney, Matthew Beach, who built a thriving practice and generated over $250k in revenue last year from the Unbundled Attorney leads he received alone. Matt shares details of the process he uses to convert 50% of his leads into paying clients. Matt has an impressive strategy that completely eliminates no show appointments, and he explains how to leverage valuable time through the use of contracted attorneys.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Matt generated $250k in his first year from unbundled leads alone; this year he is doing the same amount of income and not having to litigate any cases himself
  • Matt’s method via a walk-through and then live role-playing with the exact words Matt uses on initial calls to Unbundled leads and how he is able to convert 50% of those leads into paying clients
  • How his simple strategy completely eliminates "no show" appointments from your practice
  • The benefits from clearly explaining the distinction between a free consultation and a "client intake and strategy session,” and how to share that difference in value with your leads
  • How to leverage your time through the use of contracted attorneys
  • Best practices for creating limited scope retainer agreements
  • And much more

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