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08 JANUARY 2018

A New Era of Immigration Lawyering: How Embracing Technology and Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Can Significantly Increase Profits and Accessibility to Legal Services

Episode 47: A New Era of Immigration Lawyering: How Embracing Technology and Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Can Significantly Increase Profits and Accessibility to Legal Services

Originally from Trinidad, Jamila Little has always been passionate about immigration law. However, it took some time to take the plunge from the corporate world and start her own practice. Once she did, she committed herself to not only making great money but also serving as many clients as possible. During this interview Jamila shares how she implements legal technology to reduce the amount of time she personally spends on each case up to 75%. She also shares why eliminating an upfront retainer and allowing her clients to “pay-as-they-go” enables her to serve more clients and consistently bring in over $15,000 per month of additional revenue into her firm.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The fears that prevented Jamila from starting her own immigration practice for over 4 years, and how she overcame them
  • Some of the benefits of running your own practice, including having the flexibility to choose which cases you take
  • Advice for lawyers who have a passion for a particular area of law but are reluctant to make the leap and start their own practice
  • How to use virtual offices and keep overhead low when you first start your practice
  • The importance of investing time to develop systems in your practice that create a seamless experience for your clients
  • How immigration document automation software significantly reduces the amount of time needed to spend on each case
  • How payment processing software that offers automatic recurring payments reduces administrative time and increases the number of transactions that process successfully
  • How eliminating up-front retainers and enabling clients to pay-as-they-go has consistently generated over $15,000 per month in additional revenue for her firm
  • The importance of finding creative ways to serve more clients, and how this improves access to legal services and attracts more referral business
  • The value of legal financing, and why it is a useful option for those clients who need funds to hire your services
  • Why Jamila believes transparency has been instrumental to the growth and success of her practice
  • How Jamila is able to get clients to feel comfortable sharing with her the complete details of their case as well as exactly what they can afford to pay for her services
  • The power of sharing with your clients what motivated you to start your practice and what you are most passionate about
  • And much more…

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