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Developing a Virtual Immigration Practice: Electronic Enrollments, Document Automation and Unbundled Immigration Services

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Episode 29: Developing a Virtual Immigration Practice: Electronic Enrollments, Document Automation and Unbundled Immigration Services

After working as a public defender in Manhattan, NY and commuting for two hours each day, Vaneskha Wilson decided to move to Orlando with her family and start her own virtual immigration practice. Today she joins on the show to breakdown how she has been able to enroll and deliver immigration services to the majority of her clients without having to meet them in person. This includes a walk-through of each step in the process from the initial call and enrollment, to how she leverages an online client portal and document automation technology to efficiently prepare and deliver immigration forms electronically. Vaneskha also shares the unbundled and “pay-as-you-go” options she offers, and the typical fees she charges for each service.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the election of Donald Trump and the subsequent changes in the political climate have impacted her practice
  • How Vaneskha was able to successfully launch a brand new immigration practice without acquiring a brick and mortar office
  • The value of being able to run a law practice virtually when necessary, especially for attorneys that are parents and have young children
  • The complete electronic sales and enrollment process of her virtual practice
  • Valuable sales strategies, including the importance of continuing the enrollment process with clients, even when they don’t have all their necessary documents together yet
  • What a client portal is, and how she uses it to empower her clients to be able to provide her the necessary information for their immigration paperwork themselves
  • The document automation software she uses to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare immigration forms
  • The types of unbundled options Vaneskha offers, and the typical price points
  • Some unique unbundled options that have not yet been shared on the podcast, such as "case investigation" and "attending the interview"
  • The main benefits of offering unbundled services in an immigration practice, and how it has helped her compete against notaries and other “non-lawyer” immigration services
  • A breakdown of the “pay-as-you-go” payment plans she offers to clients that retain her for full representation
  • Why Vaneska eventually made the transition to opening a local office in Orlando and hiring an assistant
  • And much more...

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