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How to Automate Client Intake and Legal Document Preparation with Tucker Cottingham, CEO of Lawyaw

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Episode 60: How to Automate Client Intake and Legal Document Preparation with Tucker Cottingham, CEO of Lawyaw

Modern legal technology is rapidly changing the way legal services are delivered, enabling lawyers to deliver services faster and more efficiently than ever before. One of the most valuable areas to leverage technology is for client intake and document preparation, especially for lawyers that provide unbundled services. Lawyaw’s document automation platform combines the latest client intake and document preparation technology in one powerful application. Tucker Cottingham, CEO of Lawyaw joins our show and shares the Lawyaw founding story, and discusses how Lawyaw substantially reduces the amount of time it takes to complete clients’ intake and draft legal documents, which significantly improves the profitability of your law practice. He also provides a live demo of Lawyaw so you can learn about the key features of the platform.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Tucker’s background as a lawyer, the challenges his firm had preparing documents, and what made him decide to launch the Lawyaw platform
  • How eliminating repetitive tasks enables lawyers to focus more time on strengthening client relationships and the high value aspects of building their firm
  • How Lawyaw automates your document preparation without requiring the use of generic forms and templates
  • How improving the efficiency of document preparation can substantially increase the profitability of unbundled and flat-rate services
  • The value of Lawyaw’s integration with Clio, and how their platform differs from the document automation that Clio offers
  • The practice areas that benefit most from using Lawyaw
  • Examples of how automating document preparation can double the effective hourly rate of unbundled services
  • The importance of making it as simple as possible for your clients to complete intake forms online using their smartphones
  • A live demo of Lawyaw’s core features and how the platform works
  • How to use Lawyaw to create custom intake forms for clients to complete online that auto-populate their data directly into your legal forms and documents
  • How to request a customized demo with Lawyaw’s team, and take advantage of the special offer for listeners of this podcast
  • And much more ...

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