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Fundamentals of Closing the Deal: Sales Strategies That Help Solidify Relationships and Retain More Clients

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Episode 38: Fundamentals of Closing the Deal: Sales Strategies That Help Solidify Relationships and Retain More Clients

New Jersey attorney Matt Rosen has the “sales gene.” Not just because his father was a successful corporate salesman, but because of his extensive background in sales and many years studying the art of building rapport with clients and closing the deal. Today Matt joins us on the show to discuss some of these core strategies, and how they have helped him consistently convert his leads into paying clients. We also discuss the many challenges of starting a new practice, investing in advertising with a limited budget, and how working the leads from Unbundled Attorney has helped him develop the knowledge and experience to overcome these barriers.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Matt Rosen’s past work with the Peace Corp influenced his practice
  • Why utilizing a lead generation service lends itself well to developing optimized systems for your practice
  • Matt’s exact process for contacting each lead, which enables him to consistently convert 30-40% of his leads into paying clients
  • Questions you can ask to qualify your clients during the initial call
  • How understanding the law of averages removes the pressure from feeling like you have to convert every lead, especially when you first get started
  • Strategies for relating to clients with confidence
  • Why fielding leads is an opportunity for new lawyers to develop core competencies by getting a great deal of hands-on client and court experience
  • Strategies that improve your sales ability, regardless of whether sales come naturally to you or not
  • What it takes to start a practice from scratch, and what Matt has gone through to overcome some of those startup barriers
  • The importance of respecting your clients, particularly by giving them enough space to make their own decision on whether to retain you or not
  • How to make your clients feel more comfortable and become a calming and stabilizing force
  • How working for Greenpeace in the streets of NYC taught Matt about learning to overcome “No’s,” and fear of rejection
  • The value of making your website, appearance, and overall brand consistent
  • And much more...

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