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From Brand New Practice to Tens of Thousands in Monthly Revenue in Six Months

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Episode 10: From Brand New Practice to Tens of Thousands in Monthly Revenue in Six Months

In this episode we interview provider attorney, Ardy Pirnia. Fueled by a high volume of Unbundled leads, Ardy has grown his solo practitioner law firm into a successful practice with 3 paralegals, 3 employees and tens of thousands in monthly revenue in six months. Ardy shares how he achieved his success through the use of internet leads, and explains the core strategies that have laid the foundation for the extraordinarily rapid growth of his firm.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Ardy converts 1 out of every 4 of his leads into paying clients
  • Why he uses a strategy that involves speaking to every lead himself
  • How low barrier starting fees of $500-$1000 has contributed to his success
  • Ardy’s insights into the long term value of quality internet leads that many attorneys overlook
  • How to capture and master the art of selling yourself and your firm’s unique value to prospective clients
  • Why Ardy chose flat rate billing instead of traditional retainers with billable hours
  • Important strategic distinctions in managing family law or immigration leads
  • How to leverage the support of your paralegals to increase margins and bolster sales from immigration leads
  • And much more

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