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The Modern Solo Practice: How to Leverage Internet Leads to Ramp Up a New Law Firm

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Episode 13: The Modern Solo Practice: How to Leverage Internet Leads to Ramp Up a New Law Firm

Immigration and Family Law Attorney, Austin Andenmatten, sole practitioner at the Law Offices of Austin Andenmatten, joins our show today and shares his success story after opening his practice just a couple years ago. Austin became certified as a Bar Advocate in 2014, graduating with honors from Suffolk University School of Law. After graduating law school, Austin served as a public defender prior to expanding his practice area and today he serves clients throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has achieved significant success and impressive conversion rates since he began using Unbundled leads to grow his practice. Today, Austin shares the methods he uses for converting those leads into paying clients and the marketing strategy he employs to great effect by using Unbundled Attorney leads.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The changes Austin made to generate a positive impact on his lead conversion ratio
  • Why he decided to stop charging clients for consultations
  • The strategy behind his decision to not to talk about service rates and fees over the phone with clients
  • How he structures fee schedules
  • How he decides whether to offer an unbundled service or a full representation service
  • Why offering unbundled services for contested matters can lead to a significantly higher conversion rate
  • How working with immigration law leads differs from family law leads in his practice
  • How he handles language barriers that are often present in immigration law cases
  • The technology products and software programs he uses and recommends

Resources Mentioned:

ClioLaw Pay

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