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Starting a Brand New Law Firm After 18 Years of Practice: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough from Successful Launch to Expansion, Hiring Virtual Contract Lawyers, and Empathetic Pricing

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Episode 31: Starting a Brand New Law Firm After 18 Years of Practice: A Step-by-Step Blueprint for a Successful Launch and Expansion, Hiring Virtual Contract Lawyers, and Empathetic Pricing

After 18 years of practice, Maria Aguila decided to go back out on her own and start a new law firm. Today, Maria joins us on the show and walks us through the phases of growth and expansion she experienced during the successful launch of her new practice six months ago. She tells us why she hired a virtual assistant and virtual contract attorney to help build the new practice, and how she pays for their services. Maria also gives us a complete pricing breakdown and comparison between her full representation and Unbundled legal service options for immigration and family law. She explains the importance of cultivating empathy for the unique legal needs and special financial circumstances of your clients, and how that sensitivity will naturally give rise to implementation of flexible service options that meets clients’ needs affordably.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The benefit of utilizing a co-working space to meet with clients during the early stages of your new practice
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how she launched and then expanded her new law practice
  • How to hire a virtual contract lawyer to help with document drafting and other legal work
  • How Maria utilizes a virtual assistant in Singapore to help organize her work more efficiently
  • What Maria pays each of her contractors, and see a comparison of flat rate task work versus paying by the hour
  • Maria’s complete intake procedure, including how she enrolls clients and accepts payments online with a couple clicks
  • The importance of responding to new leads right away, and why this simple courtesy sets you apart from other law firms
  • The distinctions between Unbundled and full representation pricing options that she offers to both family law and immigration clients
  • Why enrolling clients initially with lower-priced options can lead to more repeat business and referrals
  • What international adoptions are all about, and why Maria handles these types of cases despite some occasionally complex issues
  • How cultivating trust and empathy with clients has allowed Maria to offer affordable payment plans without any serious concern about clients not paying
  • How document automation software enables you to prepare legal documents faster and more efficiently
  • And much more...

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