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Strategies Developed from Fielding More Than 50 Leads a Week: Text Messaging, Layaway Payments, and Relating Well with Clients

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Episode 28: Strategies Developed from Fielding More Than 50 Leads a Week: Text Messaging, Layaway Payments, and Relating Well with Clients

Sean Lynch currently receives about 200 leads each month from Unbundled Attorney. Not only has he been receiving a high volume of leads since first starting back in September 2016, he converts over 40% of our leads into new paying clients. Today, Sean joins us on the show to share some of the strategies he has developed, as well as some creative payment options he offers that enable him to provide affordable services for so many of his leads. Sean explains when and how he offers “layaway” payments for clients who cannot afford his flexible up front retainer. He also shares some valuable lessons learned from his father that he uses to communicate effectively and relate well with clients.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Sean uses text-messaging to set up initial phone and in-office consultations, without disclosing his cell phone number
  • The process Sean uses on initial calls to leads that produces a high number of office appointments
  • The flexible retainer and payment plans Sean offers to clients who cannot afford to pay a high up front retainer
  • How he manages payment plans, and the importance he attaches to staying in close communication with clients
  • How he and the other attorney in his firm manage their heavy case-load, and how they employ a “tag-team” approach in their work with each client
  • How to find a balance during the day between working on active cases and responding to new leads
  • What “layaway” payments are, when Sean offers this option, and how this helps his clients that otherwise could not afford his flexible starting retainer
  • The lessons Sean took from his father on how to adapt to changes in the market and relate well with clients
  • The long-term value from taking extra time to listen to and assist each client thoroughly, even if it doesn’t appear likely they will hire your services
  • The importance of staying diligent in making calls to each lead in real time, especially when you are receiving a high volume of leads
  • And much more...

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