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Educating a New Generation of Solo Attorneys: The Exciting Future of Legal Incubators and a Practical Overview of the Business Model of Unbundling Legal Services

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Episode 54: Educating a New Generation of Solo Attorneys: The Exciting Future of Legal Incubators and a Practical Overview of the Business Model of Unbundling Legal Services

San Diego, CA attorney, Lee Vernon, is a product of a legal incubator provided by the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The incubator provided mentoring from attorneys experienced in the practice of law, affordable office space, and the opportunity to collaborate with other attorneys. In addition, Lee was exposed to the concept of unbundled legal services and how it is used to help individuals unable to afford traditional retainer fees. Once Lee launched his solo practice and started working with Unbundled Attorney, he developed a complete business model built around delivering both full representation and unbundled legal services to his clients. Today Lee joins the show to explain why he made the decision to offer unbundled services. He gives an overview of the unbundled service options he provides, the price points for each, as well as the systems and processes he has developed to deliver them efficiently and profitably. Lee also discusses some of the major misconceptions about unbundled services, and why unbundling can positively impact the access to justice problem as these misconceptions are debunked and more lawyers across the country begin offering these service options in their practice.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What legal incubators are, and some of the ways they educate new attorneys and empower them to start their own practice right out of law school
  • Common misconceptions about unbundled services that prevent more lawyers from offering these service options in their practice
  • How working as a contract lawyer for another firm provides valuable experience to new attorneys
  • How law schools can play a vital role in educating attorneys about unbundled services, and the positive impact this could have on access to justice
  • How Lee handles the initial consultation, including how much time he spends on those calls, as well as valuable lessons he has learned over the past year calling his Unbundled leads
  • Important considerations for deciding whether you should enroll clients over the phone or have them come into your office
  • How unbundled services puts both the client and the attorney in control of how much legal services will be deliver
  • How providing unbundled services has completely eliminated Lee’s accounts receivables
  • The advantages of delivering unbundled services as a flat rate on a task by task basis, and how this can improve your overall profitability
  • The value of being able to tell your clients “we can work with almost any budget”
  • How to effectively provide hour-by-hour coaching, and why this can be a great starting option to offer your clients
  • The processes Lee follows to offer limited appearances, including the form you can use in certain states to notify the court of your limited scope representation
  • Why Lee uses practice management software, and how it has positively impacted his practice
  • Practical tips for offering payment plans to clients for full representation, including how to find the balance between helping as many people as possible while still maintaining a highly profitable practice
  • How to transition from providing full representation to limited scope services when clients can no longer afford to pay for full service
  • And much more...

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