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The Trifecta of Modern Criminal Law: Three Keys for Building a Highly Profitable Criminal Practice Providing Affordable Representation

In this episode, we interview Robert Wegman, a criminal law Unbundled Attorney from Richmond, VA. During this episode, Robert shares how implementing three specific components (the trifecta) have enabled him to provide affordable criminal representation in a highly profitable manner. We discuss each of these three components in detail, one of which includes an online client portal that his practice management software enables. He explains how the portal has improved his consultation conversion rate, streamlined workflows, and substantially increased clients’ trust and confidence in the services he provides them.  

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Rob enrolls his criminal clients with 20% down, and how this has impacted his lead conversion rate
  • How using automated recurring payments has enabled him to deliver services with a lower initial deposit and still have exceptionally low account receivables
  • Why payment plans haven’t worked in the past for many lawyers, and how modern processing tools now enable them to have a substantially higher success rate
  • How the client portal feature of case management platforms can increase client’s visibility into the services being performed and instill more confidence and trust
  • How Rob’s online intake form increases his consultation conversion rate, streamlines his workflows, and improves the overall experience for his clients
  • How online practice management software enables him to keep him and his staff organized and on task, and effectively manage a higher volumes of cases
  • LawPay, Case Management, 20% Down
  • And much more…

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