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Expert Tips: Lessons and Strategies Learned By Fielding Over 1000 Leads

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Episode 7: Expert Tips: Lessons and Strategies Learned By Fielding Over 1000 Leads

In this episode we interview Robert Manson, who is an Unbundled Attorney in Minneapolis, MN. Robert has received over a thousand leads and expanded his practice throughout the state of Minnesota. He shares the strategies and best practices which have enabled him to serve a high volume of clients, many of whom are 2 hours or further from his office.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to provide cost-saving unbundled options for your clients when courts favor mediation and early dispute resolution
  • How to leverage the “wow factor” that comes from calling leads in real-time, exceed their expectations, and land more cases
  • How going the extra mile to serve clients on their first call, (even if they have zero financial resources) is not only the right thing to do, but also pays big dividends long term
  • The importance of viewing each lead as it comes in and doing an instant evaluation of the urgency for each case, even during after-hours
  • How to serve clients that are not close-by to your office, work with them virtually, and how to efficiently manage your travel time
  • How to expand your practice by establishing relationships with attorneys in other cities
  • The value of having billing and case management systems in place early, even before you need them
  • And much more

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