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21st Century Mobile Lawyering: How to Utilize Legal Technology to Build a High Volume, Streamlined, and Location Independent Practice

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Episode 45: 21st Century Mobile Lawyering: How to Utilize Legal Technology to Build a High Volume, Streamlined, and Location Independent Practice

Rebecca Fuller is part of a new era of lawyers who embrace legal technology to build a highly efficient and streamlined practice. The cloud-based tools she uses enable her to operate her practice from any location, at any time, and never skip a beat. Today, Rebecca joins us to share the technologies she uses and explain exactly how she implements them in her practice. She provides a complete walk-through of how each tool comes into play from the moment she receives a lead all the way through to the delivery of her services. We also discuss how she leverages new technology to scale up her practice, enabling her to effectively serve a higher volume of clients.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Rebecca decided to start her own practice after years of working for someone else
  • The typical fears attorneys face when considering opening their own practice, and how she overcame them
  • Why she sees herself as a business owner and entrepreneur first, and a lawyer second
  • Some of the books she read that helped her tremendously when she first started her practice
  • The advantages of delivering estate and family law services as a flat rate
  • How working with clients on a “pay-as-you-go” basis can make your services more affordable and your practice more profitable
  • The importance of investing time into implementing technology and systems that help build a more efficient practice, and how this plays a critical role in your ability to serve a higher volume of clients
  • A breakdown of the main tech tools she uses and how they help streamline her practice
  • How technology helps her become location independent, enabling her to continue her practice while traveling and spend more time with her daughter
  • A list of the specific tasks Rebecca offloads to her legal assistant in order to free up more of her time
  • The importance of building systems to ensure you are following up with your clients, and how this leads to a significant increase in the number of clients retaining your services
  • A step-by-step walk-through of Rebecca’s process from the time she first receives a lead, to consultation, intake and retention of each new client, then through to the preparation and delivery of documents, and beyond
  • How Rebecca has been able to eliminate no-shows from her practice
  • And much more...

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