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Proven Sales Strategies to Convert More Leads and Eliminate No-Shows

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Episode 16: Proven Sales Strategies to Convert More Leads and Eliminate No-Shows

Tera Lee is a long-time unbundled provider attorney based in San Bernardino, CA who has applied best practices and strategies he learned from his background in sales to calling leads. Today Tera joins our show to discuss the importance of embracing sales as a critical component of building a successful law practice, and how to develop systems to consistently improve your sales process over time. He also shares many of the effective sales tactics he has developed, including how to completely eliminate “no-shows” from your practice without having to charge a fee to secure an appointment.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to employ a secretary who will respond to leads in real time when you are not available, and not lose prospective clients in the process
  • How Tera’s strategy allows him to completely eliminate “no-shows” from his appointment schedule, without requiring clients to pay upfront fees to secure an appointment
  • His four step approach for the initial phone consultation with your leads
  • How to overcome some of the top objections you can get from a phone consultation; such as “I need to think about it,” or “I need to talk to my wife/husband/3rd party”
  • How to adapt your consultation when clients are reluctant or unable to travel to your office, such as using facetime, skype, or video conferencing alternatives
  • The benefits of offering a flat rate retainer for certain types of cases or tasks
  • And much more...

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