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Criminal Representation on a Payment Plan: How Automated Recurring Payments Are Transforming the Way Criminal Lawyers Practice and Get Paid

In this episode, we interview Joshua London, a criminal law Unbundled Attorney from Minneapolis, MN who shares how offering automated recurring payment plans have impacted the way he practices criminal law. He discusses how automating his payment plans has enabled him to lower his initial deposits to as little as 20-25%, which has dramatically increased his lead to retained client conversion rate. As a result, he has been able to provide affordable criminal representation to many more clients, and generate an additional $30-40k a month in revenue from his Unbundled leads alone.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why optimizing your criminal firm to be immediately responsive to new leads and requests will substantially increase your client conversion rate
  • What automated recurring billing payment plans are, and why they can enable you to accept less than 50% down in a criminal case
  • How to structure your recurring payment plans so they have a high rate of processing successfully
  • How to determine the ideal initial deposit in each case, and the best payment schedule and payment amount for each payment plan
  • The being transparent cultivating an empathetic approach to your consultations will help you convert more clients and create more customer loyalty
  • And much more …

Resources Mentioned:

  • Calendly (12:37)
  • DirectConnect (16:20)
  • LawPay (36:23)

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