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Exploring the Practical Benefits of Flat Rate Billing

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Episode 9: Exploring the Practical Benefits of Flat Rate Billing

In this episode we interview provider attorney, Deborah Roffman, who provides her clients flat rate quotes for selected legal services in her practice. We discuss the reasons why she introduced flat rate price options and how it has changed her practice. Deborah explains why it works for the benefit of her clients, and shares tips and strategies for when and how to offer flat rates.

You’ll Learn:

  • Tips on how to transition into a new area of the law and provide legal services in a new jurisdiction
  • How transitioning to a flat rate fee structure can significantly improve your lead conversion rate
  • How a flat rate fee structure increases your effective hourly rate when you can properly leverage the contributions of support staff
  • New technology and software that improves the efficiency of your overall practice
  • The pros and cons of offering payment plans, and uncover important lessons learned
  • Best practices for increasing the amount of leads you are able to contact
  • And much more

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