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Delivering Unbundled Services Safely and Ethically: Guidelines for Retainer Agreements, Limited Appearances, and Being Proactive with Traditional Courts

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Episode 41: Delivering Unbundled Services Safely and Ethically: Guidelines for Retainer Agreements, Limited Appearances, and Being Proactive with Traditional Courts

When Thomas King started his own practice, he saw an opportunity in the market to provide assistance for clients trying to handle cases by themselves using the internet. Now with the help of Unbundled Attorney, Thomas built a thriving practice by delivering clients a full range of unbundled legal services. However, being an effective provider of unbundled services comes with its own challenges. Today, Thomas joins our show to help lawyers understand how to deliver unbundled options both ethically and effectively. We discuss how to structure limited-scope retainer agreements, as well as best practices for offering limited appearances. Thomas also provides some very practical advice for dealing with traditional courts and judges who may not be used to working with attorneys offering unbundled services.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the internet has transformed the business and practice of law, and how you can adapt to serve the expanding DIY market
  • The different types of cases Thomas sees in family law, and how they contribute to the profitability of his practice
  • The components of a well structured limited-scope retainer agreement
  • The importance of reviewing limited-scope retainer agreements with your clients to ensure they are clear on the scope of your services
  • Some of the challenges you can face in courts not used to working with attorneys who provide unbundled services, and how to protect yourself
  • How to identify which courts and judges may require additional communication and documentation to prevent misunderstandings about the scope of your representation
  • The types of letters and documentation Thomas uses to inform courts of unbundled services or limited appearances being offered
  • How to turn late night and weekend leads into your highest converting clients
  • How to set proper boundaries and expectations when providing clients with your cell phone number, or responding after business hours
  • The criteria Thomas uses to decide if he will work with a client
  • Suggestions on when to offer flat rates versus hourly billing
  • Some important considerations for hiring contract lawyers or expanding into new regions, including why hiring contract lawyers did not work for him
  • How to effectively and profitably offer limited appearances for your clients
  • When Thomas uses teleconferences and other creative solutions to appear in court for clients on a limited budget
  • How he explains to his clients the value of retaining him for a limited appearance
  • And much more...

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