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Building a Six-Figure a Month, Client-Centered Probate and Estate Planning Law Practice | Episode 68 | Unbundled Attorney

In this podcast episode, Bridgette Friedman, a probate and estate planning attorney, discusses the evolution of her Probate and Estate law practice that often generates over $100k per month in revenue. She shares insights on adapting her business model, including her approach to enrolling new client leads and providing flexible payment plans. Bridgette emphasizes providing tailored, pay-as-you-go options for estate planning services, and a retainer and payment structure for probate case that has evolved over the years. She also talks about the importance of hiring associates, managing cash flow, and maintaining a client-centered, empathetic approach to legal services. 

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In this episode you will learn: 

• The steps Bridgette has followed to develop a probate and estate practice that often generates over $100k per month
• How Unbundled Attorney's lead generation service have impacted her practice and revenues 
• The value of tailoring service options to meet your clients needs and budget constraints
• The unique pay-as-you-go service options she offers for her estate planning cases 
• How using Clio Manage CRM has helped her manage her legal practice 
• Her payment structure for her probate services, including how her initial retainer and payment plans have evolved over time
• The value of a developing a client-centered approach to practicing law, emphasizing flexibility and empathy

00:01:16: Starting out in law 
00:03:17: Transition to Unbundled Attorney 
00:10:02: The impact of direct connect 
00:26:21: Technology Integration 
00:27:33: Document Automation and Transition 
00:33:07: Payment Plans and Client Commitment 
00:44:51: Hiring an associate 
00:56:33: Building a remote team

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