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The “Try It Before You Buy It” Enrollment Strategy: A Unique Sales Approach That Could Skyrocket Your Lead Conversion Rate

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Episode 40: The “Try It Before You Buy It” Enrollment Strategy: A Unique Sales Approach That Could Skyrocket Your Lead Conversion Rate

After working with Unbundled Attorney as a solo practitioner for over a year, Anthony Saunders decided to take a break to close up his practice and start working with a local Salt Lake City, UT law firm as an associate. When Anthony started working with us again he implemented a new sales strategy that enables him to consistently convert an astounding 80% or more of his leads into paying clients. What is even more impressive is 90% of those clients end up retaining him for full representation. Today Anthony joins us on the show to share exactly how he has been able to accomplish such incredible numbers, including his unique “try it before you buy it” approach to enrolling his clients. He also offers over 20 different unbundled service options, and outlines what each of these options are and what he typically charges.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Anthony decided to open a solo practice immediately after graduating from law school
  • How Unbundled Attorney’s lead generation service helped launch the growth of his practice
  • Why Anthony started offering unbundled services to his clients, and how this has allowed him to fulfill on his desire to help people in a cost-effective manner
  • His “try it before you buy it” sales approach, and why it has been so incredibly effective at converting his leads into paying clients
  • The value of breaking each case into segments so you can focus on delivering services one segment at a time
  • Why Anthony will not discuss providing full representation with any of his clients until after he has delivered an unbundled service for them
  • A complete breakdown of 15+ unbundled services that he offers, including exact pricing for each option
  • The benefits and importance of delivering unbundled services at a flat rate
  • Why Anthony’s “try it before you buy it” approach makes it so much easier for clients to refer his services to their friends and family
  • The payment options he offers to his clients when they are unable to pay the entire flat rate up front
  • How to train new associates or contract lawyers to deliver unbundled services by narrowing their focus to the task at hand
  • The value of drafting a timeline for each client’s case so they know exactly what needs to be done
  • Why 90% of the clients that enroll for unbundled services transition to retaining him for full representation
  • The different types of payment options he offers to his full representation clients
  • And much more...

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