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Starting a Solo Practice in Your Forties: Embracing Tech, Leveraging an Assistant, and Flexible Payment Plans

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Episode 19: Starting a Solo Practice in Your Forties: Embracing Tech, Leveraging an Assistant, and Flexible Payment Plans

Kathy Orr has been practicing family law for over 15 years, and what makes her stand out from our other guests is that she took up the practice of law in her forties. After graduating magna cum laude, besting her younger classmates, she decided to start a solo practice right out of law school. Today, Kathy joins us and gives some practical tips for new lawyers. She also highlights the importance of having an assistant, and explains how her payment plans have helped increase monthly cash flow and serve more clients.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of keeping your overhead low when first starting a new practice
  • How hiring an assistant can help increase your caseload, streamline your work flows, and keep you focused on high priority tasks
  • How to find the balance between calling new leads and working on active cases
  • How delivering flat rate unbundled document services helps you to earn an effective hourly rate of $400 per hour or more
  • How leveraging document automation software can significantly lower the amount of time and cost to complete documents, and increase your profit margin
  • The questions Kathy asks her clients to discreetly evaluate their financial resources
  • The types of payment plans Kathy offers her clients, and how these options have helped her increase monthly cash flow and acquire more paying clients
  • Why offering unbundled services and affordable payment plans to pro se clients supports your local court system
  • And much more...

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