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Modernizing Your Law Practice: Stepping Up to the Challenge of Adapting to the Complex World of Legal Technology

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Episode 48: Modernizing Your Law Practice: Stepping Up to the Challenge of Adapting to the Complex World of Legal Technology

Mark Brinkworth explored a number of other professions before becoming an attorney. By the time he started his own practice in 2015, the internet, smartphones and legal technology were already making a substantial impact on the legal industry. Like many lawyers that didn’t grow up with these tools, adapting to this modern environment has been a real challenge for him. Today Mark joins us to talk about how he has modernized his law practice. He candidly shares how frustrating this transition has been at times, and how he overcame these challenges with support from the team at Unbundled Attorney. Mark provides a step-by-step walk-through of the tools he now uses, and shares how essential each of them has been to the growth of his practice. We also discuss how critical it is for lawyers to continue investing their time and energy into staying up to date on legal technology, even if they are initially reluctant to do so.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Some of the lessons Mark learned as a police officer that help him in his law practice
  • The importance of being both an attorney and “counselor” of law, and how to do so effectively
  • How to properly manage clients’ expectations starting with the first consultation and going forward
  • The value of being honest and transparent with your clients, even what you need to tell them is not what they were hoping to hear
  • Some of the biggest changes Mark has made in his firm since he started working with Unbundled Attorney and how they have helped his practice
  • Why Mark transitioned to begin offering his services as a flat rate much more often
  • The importance of never underestimating clients’ ability to get financial resources together
  • Why Mark was initially opposed to texting clients, how he overcame his concerns, and how it has impacted his results
  • The reluctance Mark initially had towards to implementing new technology in his practice, and how the team at Unbundled Attorney played a helpful role in encouraging him to take those first steps
  • What happens when lawyers fail to follow up with their clients, and how technology enables lawyers to consistently and automatically make follow-up contacts
  • How technology plays a critical role in increasing profitability by making legal services more affordable and accessible to their clients
  • The evolution of Mark’s pricing, including a breakdown of his current pricing options for both full representation and unbundled legal services
  • Why Mark hired someone to help make initial calls to his leads and some advice on how to make sure this improves your overall contact and conversion rate
  • Important guidelines for hiring staff and legal assistants, especially anyone that will be talking to prospective leads or clients
  • And much more...

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