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Launching a New Solo Practice: From Law School Graduate to 65 New Paying Clients in 3 Months

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Episode 23: Launching a New Solo Practice: From Law School Graduate to 65 New Paying Clients in 3 Months

Andrew Burgess is 9 months out of law school and has already built a thriving and successful solo practice. This growth is largely fueled by a high volume of Unbundled Attorney leads, his effectiveness in fielding those leads, and the affordable unbundled options he offers his clients. Today, Andrew shares the strategies he has implemented to make contact with almost every lead he talks to, and he provides a specific, detailed analysis of the economics of unbundling. He makes a very strong case to attorneys that by offering unbundled options they can provide valuable services to lower income families and still make a ton of money in the process.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The strategies Andrew has implemented that allow him to make contact with almost every lead he receives
  • How he handles the initial phone consultation that enables him to meet with 6 to 7 out of every 10 leads in his office
  • How to respond to clients when they say they don’t have a lot of money
  • How to represent clients on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, one step at a time
  • The importance of never pre-judging a lead, even if it states they have little or no money
  • How Andrew earns an effective hourly rate of $400 to $500 per hour with his unbundled options
  • An analysis of the three types of engagement letters he uses based on the types of unbundled or full representation options he is providing
  • How he helps keep clients that are on payment plans organized and paying on time
  • The best practices for offering payment plans, including how to evaluate the client’s ability to pay and scheduling payments, meetings and services accordingly
  • And much more...

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