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Expand Your Practice into New Regions Using Contract Lawyers and a Virtual Client Enrollment, Intake, and Management System

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Episode 39: Expand Your Practice into New Regions Using Contract Lawyers and a Virtual Client Enrollment, Intake, and Management System

After launching his practice early in 2017 in the Hudson Valley, NY, Alexander Keenan quickly expanded to serve the nearby metropolitan Albany, NY community despite the fact that he lives 2-3 hours away. After trying to manage the travel time involved, Alex decided to hire contract lawyers to serve his clients in those courts farthest from his office. The relationships he forged with his contract lawyers are so successful that Alex is now working on expanding his practice into the metro areas of Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo, NY. Today he joins us on the show to explain the process he uses to hire and train new contract lawyers, who are helping him to significantly expand the reach of his practice. He also discusses his “streamlined” virtual enrollment process utilizing technology that enables him to enroll and manage clients from literally anywhere in the world.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How a virtual office can help you expand into a new region with minimal overhead
  • The importance of acquiring a local area code phone line, and how to do it
  • How to “batch” your appointments when they are long distances from your office
  • How to source potential contract lawyers from Craigslist and Indeed
  • The pay structure Alex uses with his three contract lawyers
  • The philosophy behind representing “working families”, and how to ensure that your contract lawyers embody this philosophy during the hiring process
  • Tips and advice for hiring great contract lawyers, including how to screen for attorneys that will communicate empathy to your clients
  • How to handle the “hand-off” to a contract lawyer during the initial phone consultation
  • The systems Alex has developed using Lexicata, Clio and LawPay to create a streamlined online enrollment and intake process
  • Why taking additional time during your initial phone consultation makes it more likely to enroll the lead right over the phone
  • The importance of scheduling a client conference with a contract lawyer that same week
  • How to use Clio to “assign” clients to a specific contract lawyer, so the contractor only sees those clients who have been assigned to them and no one else
  • The benefits of offering “Layaway” payment options, how to determine the best times to offer them, and when not to, and learn how Alex explains Layaway to his clients
  • And much more...

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