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A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Benefits and Ethical Considerations for Providing Unbundled Legal Services in Immigration and Family Law

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Episode 50: A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Benefits and Ethical Considerations for Providing Unbundled Legal Services in Immigration and Family Law

We are excited to announce the release of our first video podcast episode! We traveled to Seattle, WA recently to film this interview with Sou Bounlutay and Sunny Awla. Both Sou and Sunny are successful Unbundled Attorneys who have a great deal of experience providing unbundled legal services in the immigration and family law space. They share an informed overview of the ethical considerations for unbundling services in immigration law. They identify the types of cases their office offers unbundled services for and which ones they don’t. They also discuss how offering unbundled services has positively impacted their practice, and why they are now strong advocates for the unbundled legal services model. They share why it is critical to have a consistent source of quality prospective clients, especially for solo and small firms, and the important role Unbundled Attorney has played in the development of their own practice.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of distinguishing between litigation and affirmative cases when providing unbundled services for immigration law
  • An overview of the unbundled services Sunny provides for her immigration clients and the types of issues and client circumstances they are best suited for
  • Examples of how the Washington courts have supported attorneys who are providing unbundled services, such as offering standard forms that enable attorneys to make limited appearances in court
  • How to calculate a flat fee for a trial in family law
  • Why Sou enjoys taking trial cases even when they provide her very little time to prepare
  • The importance of overcoming the fear of losing a case
  • A discussion of the core maxim of unbundled lawyers - clients are better off with some help from a lawyer rather than no help at all
  • Why legal access should be a right and not a privilege
  • How breaking your cases into billable segments improves your profitability and reduces accounts receivable
  • The importance of taking time to quantify tasks involved with each service you provide, how long it takes to complete each task, and exactly what you need to charge for each step in the process
  • How communicating with authenticity and radical honesty to build your client’s trust and confidence in your services
  • How offering limited scope services helps reduce stress in your practice
  • The unique way of “leading with unbundled services” that can significantly increase the number of clients who retain your services
  • How unbundling enables you to build a unique and individualized practice, both for you and your clients
  • The important role that having a consistent and reliable source of new prospective clients has on the freedom and flexibility you can have in your practice
  • Sou and Sunny’s thoughts about Unbundled Attorney, their experience working with our support team, and how the Unbundled leads have positively impacted the growth of their practice
  • And much more...

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