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Automating Client Follow Up: How to Leverage Email Management Systems to Easily Stay in Touch with New Prospects and Clients

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Episode 42: Automating Client Follow Up: How You Can Leverage Email Management Systems to Easily Stay in Touch with New Prospects and Clients

Every day clients are contacting your office to meet with you for consultations. Some of these clients retain your services right away, but what about the rest? Most law firms fail to follow up with prospects who do not call back or are not retained immediately. It is a task that often doesn’t get done because it takes too much time. What if there is a way to automatically stay in touch with these prospects at the click of a button? Today, Chicago, IL family law attorney, Robert Buchanan, joins our show and explains how lawyers can easily leverage email management systems and automate client follow up. By applying these systems, attorneys can stay connected with and ultimately be retained by clients they met days, weeks, or even months earlier. We also discuss valuable lessons Robert has learned when considering acquiring associate-attorneys and partners.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Robert elected to end the partnership he created, and hear his valuable advice for lawyers who are considering partnering with another attorney
  • Some of the benefits from being a solo practitioner compared to building a large law firm
  • Tools he uses to complete forms and documents faster and more efficiently
  • How to identify areas of your practice that can be streamlined or automated
  • How text expanders on your mobile phone help you respond much faster to emails and text messages
  • A complete walkthrough of how to set up a “Zap” that subscribes each lead to an autoresponder that sends a series of emails to your Unbundled Attorney leads automatically
  • The benefits and applications of email marketing, including automatic follow ups with uncontacted leads and clients who do not enroll during the initial consultation
  • Examples of emails Robert uses in his email auto-responder series
  • The difference between a newsletter vs a broadcast email, and how to effectively implement both in your email marketing strategy
  • The topics Robert covers in his broadcast emails, and his tips on how to write unique and relevant emails
  • The three service options he offers clients, what they cost, and what is included
  • How offering unbundled services reduces some of the stress from being a family law attorney
  • A discussion about paying associate attorneys hourly vs salary, and why Robert elects to pay his associates a salary
  • Some book recommendations for building a systemized and leveraged practice
  • And much more...

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