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Earning 7 Figures a Year Serving Lower Income Families by Delivering Unbundled Legal Services

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Episode 52: Earning 7 Figures a Year Serving Lower Income Families by Delivering Unbundled Legal Services

Ardy Pirnia and John Ibrahim are Beverly Hills and Orange County, California family law and personal injury lawyers. You’d expect firms from their regions to be charging high end retainer fees of between $5000 - $10,000+ and hourly rates of $350/hour and more. Instead, Ardy and John have built highly profitable practices offering unbundled and limited scope services with starting fees ranging from as low as $500 - $1500. Today they join the show to share the types of unbundled service options they offer, and when and how they deliver them. They explain why they believe unbundled services give more people access to legal help who otherwise couldn’t afford it, and why offering these options has been a very profitable business decision.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Ardy has been able to build a 7-figure per year practice by leveraging Unbundled Attorney leads and delivering unbundled legal services to his clients
  • Some of the most important lessons Ardy and John have learned from collectively fielding over 3000 leads
  • Ardy’s feelings about attorneys charging $5000 + retainer fees, and why he chooses not to charge such high up-front fees
  • How leading with unbundled services and more affordable up-front fees can significantly improve your client conversion rates
  • Creative ways Ardy monetizes cases that other attorneys would typically turn away
  • The benefits of handling a higher volume of smaller cases instead of a few big ones
  • How to effectively offer flat rate service on a limited scope basis one segment at a time
  • How serving clients that otherwise would not be able to afford legal services can positively impact your firm’s reputation and the number of referrals you receive
  • The contrast between offering flat rates by the task versus flat rates for the entire case
  • How to break your service options into 3 tiers of pricing, and the specific tiers of pricing that John offers his clients
  • Ardy and John’s perspective on the new generation of tech-enabled millennial attorneys, and how their values differ from previous generations of lawyers
  • How the substantial increase in pro se litigants over the past 10 years presents a unique business opportunity that lawyers can take advantage of
  • The importance of taking enough time to thoroughly fact-find during the initial consultation to learn critical pieces of information that improve your ability to qualify and convert your leads into paying clients
  • How unequivocally dispelling the false belief that lawyers cannot make money offering unbundled services could result in a substantial shift the affordability of legal services in North America
  • The power of a reliable lead generation service, and how quickly a good source of leads can produce a high volume of new paying clients
  • The importance of understanding the long-term value of each client
  • And much more...

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