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Scaling Up Your Practice: How to Expand From Solo Practitioner to Small Law Firm in Under 3 Months

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Episode 18: Scaling Up Your Practice: How to Expand From Solo Practitioner to Small Law Firm in Under 3 Months

Rhonda Telford Naidu has been an Unbundled provider attorney out of Oklahoma City, OK for about 3 months. During this time her client base has grown from 9 active clients to 51 which has required her to hire two new attorneys. She is also working on opening new offices that will allow her firm to expand to serve the entire state of Oklahoma. Today, she and her partner/office manager, Jayshree, walk us through how they have scaled their practice so quickly. They also give us a very convincing argument for why it makes both moral and financial sense for attorneys to offer payment plans for their clients.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The main phases for scaling a law firm, and the how to execute them in the proper order
  • How Rhonda and Jayshree were able to leverage internet leads and acquire 41 new clients in only three months
  • How to source, hire, and pay contract attorneys to work in your office or open satellite offices in other cities
  • Some of the emotional challenges and personal barriers that come with transitioning from solo practitioner to a small firm, and how to overcome them
  • The value of hiring a financial manager to communicate your fees, work out payment arrangements, and handle billing issues, so you can focus solely on serving your clients
  • Why attorneys should make the “leap of faith” and start offering payment plans to their clients, and how the monthly cash flow can significantly impact the health of the business
  • Why they charge a fee for clients who meet with them in their office, and the strategies used to sell their consultation and services on the initial phone call
  • How to transition someone else in the firm to field the lead calls for when you are unavailable
  • And much more...

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