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Scale Up Your Law Practice: Hire Great People, Automate Workflows, and Efficiently Deliver Limited Scope Services

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In this episode we interview Robert Buchanan, an Unbundled Attorney in Chicago, IL we have worked with for over 5 years.

During the interview we discuss how Robert has been able to successfully scale up the capacity of his firm. From attracting exceptional team members, to developing streamlined systems and automations, Robert covers the steps he has followed and the tools he has implemented to significantly increase the efficiency of his firm.

We also discuss how providing limited scope services has tripled the hiring rate of his new prospective clients, and has substantially improved the quality of his client relationships as well as the overall profitability of his firm.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How having a newborn child has shifted Robert’s perspective and provided additional motivation to increase the capacity and success of his firm
  • How Robert has been able to attract and retain exceptional contract lawyers and associates
  • Tips for attracting new team members, both through your network and in the marketplace
  • The specific processes Robert has put into place to automate and streamline his workflows
  • The legal technology tools Robert uses that enable a tremendous amount of automation in his firm
  • How implementing limited scope services has dramatically improved his client conversion rate
  • A detailed breakdown of the limited scope services he offers and how he offers them during his initial consultations
  • And much more ...

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