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What are the Benefits of the Pro Plan?

The Pro Plan enables many integrations and premium features in your Unbundled Attorney account.

This system enables us to live-transfer your Unbundled leads directly to your office in real time. Direct Connect also utilizes our brand new integration with Calendly so your leads can book a time directly onto your calendar.

Typically about 70% or more of your Unbundled leads will either be live transferred to your office, or booked directly onto your calendar automatically.

Our newest upgraded version of Direct Connect also includes “Super DC”. This is our meticulously tested automated follow up system that performs a series of well-timed calls, emails and text messages over a 48 hour period to connect uncontacted leads with your office.

Direct Connect
Watch this quick video to learn how Direct Connect works:

Save Time – You will not longer have to make outbound calls, or send emails and text messages to about 70% of your leads!

Contact Your Leads Faster – You will often receive inbound calls from your leads just seconds after your Unbundled lead is delivered.

Acquire More Paying Clients – Making contact with more of your leads, especially in real-time, can significantly increase the number of leads you will convert into paying clients.

Integrations with Lead and Practice Management CRM’s

With the Pro Plan, your Unbundled leads can be delivered directly into your lead or practice management CRM in real time. This saves hours of data entry every month, and also enables you to trigger automations in each platform immediately upon receipt of a lead.

Your Unbundled leads can be delivered directly into your Clio Manage account in real-time. This integration will create both a new contact AND a new matter with the lead’s contact info and case description pre-populated. NOTE: This integration will lead to having both prospects and retained clients as “Matters” in your Clio account.

Your Unbundled leads will be delivered directly into your Clio Grow inbox in real-time. Simply click “Quick Intake” and you can schedule reminders, trigger email sequences, and move them into specific pipelines, all with the click of a button immediately upon receipt of the lead.

Calendly is a powerful tool that enables your clients to book a time directly on your calendar via a unique link you can easily share via email or text message. Calendly syncs with your existing calendar system (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook 365, etc.) so your clients can only book a time ONLY when you are available, and within the hours and days you specify. This integration enables your Unbundled leads to book a time directly onto your calendar automatically, saving you a ton of time that would otherwise be spent on scheduling and following up with your leads.

Pro Plan Pricing:

$99.00 per billing cycle (15 days).

No long-term commitment. Downgrade anytime.

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