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How Lawyers Can Retain a High Number of New Paying Clients During an Economic Downturn

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Episode 59: How Lawyers Can Retain a High Number of New Paying Clients During Any Economic Environment

We are excited to welcome back Anthony Saunders who is an Unbundled family law attorney from Salt Lake City. Anthony has worked with us for over 7 years and has consistently been the highest converting lawyer in our network. His previous podcast interview (Episode 40) is the most often shared and recommended episode in the history of the show.

His client-acquisition strategy begins with this "leading" with limited scope services. Implementing this same approach has fundamentally shifted the way hundreds of lawyers now practice law, and plays a major role in the growth and success of their firms.

Today, Anthony gives a comprehensive breakdown of how this approach enables him to consistently enroll 50-80% of his Unbundled leads as paying clients. He describes how he handles the initial phone consultation, and how he eliminates in-office and virtual appointment no-shows. Anthony also shares specific unbundled service options he offers and how he determines what to charge.

So grab a pen and paper and be ready to take copious notes so that you can take what Anthony shares during this interview and implement it into your practice right away.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How tracking your lead conversion numbers and case volume throughout the year will help project what your staffing and attorney support needs will be in the future
  • The numbers and metrics Anthony's firm tracks, and the method he employs to track them
  • Anthony's exact process for contacting and consulting Unbundled leads that enables him to convert 50-80% into paying clients
  • Why Anthony reviews each lead's case file prior to calling them
  • The value of evaluating specific elements of a case that the client needs help with first, and providing services that are initially limited to those elements only
  • How Anthony limits phone consultations to 5 minutes, and why this has positively impacted his in-office and virtual-consulting attendance
  • Examples that show how Anthony breaks his cases into specific billable segments and how he determines the flat rate to charge for each segment
  • How Anthony reduced the number of no-shows for his in-office and virtual-consults by 50%
  • The benefits of booking new leads for your office and virtual-consults within 48 hours or ideally the same day
  • Why it is better to use the active voice instead of the passive voice during your initial consultations, plus examples that illustrate why
  • Why Anthony does not ever give leads a price quote over the phone during the initial 5-10 minute phone consultation
  • A live role-play between Dave and Anthony showing how Anthony responds to clients who insist on knowing the cost of services during the initial phone consultation
  • The importance of having clients complete intake questionnaires, and why questionnaires should be customized to each client's case
  • Why Anthony provide every new client limited scope services first, instead of full representation
  • What Anthony's "reserve" unbundled service is, and when he offers it to clients
  • Why your unbundled services clients become zealous referral ambassadors for your firm
  • A detailed explanation of how Anthony breaks down divorce cases, and a review of the specific unbundled services he offers at each phase in a divorce case
  • How providing unbundled services impacts your longevity and success as a practitioner
  • And much more …

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