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Unbundled Attorney Now Provides Mental Health and Therapy Services as an Included Member Benefit For All Active Attorneys

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Sometimes, We Just Need a Little Help...

Legal issues are major life events that involve a great deal of mental health issues such as trauma and emotional pain, physical and emotional abuse, addiction and depression. 
Attorneys are dealing with the breakdown of relationships in family cases, loss of freedoms in criminal cases, peoples’ rights to live and work in this country in immigration cases, and helping people plan for or navigate dealing with the loss of loved ones in estate and probate.

Not only are these extremely challenging times for the clients going through these legal events, but also for the attorneys and “counselors of law” that are providing the legal and professional guidance throughout the process.


This is NOT easy to do, and many of our attorneys have shared with us how challenging it can be. They are often overwhelmed by the emotional elements of supporting their clients through these legal issues, as well as dealing with the stress of their caseloads, deadlines, client conflicts, and so many of the other challenges of running a law practice.


As most of our Unbundled Attorneys know, we are more than just a lead generation company that helps our attorneys acquire more cases – we are a community, and we are committed to the success and well being of our attorneys.

Watch the Webinar to See How This Benefits You

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Ginger, the leading online mental health and therapy platform, to provide complimentary mental health support and therapy services to ALL of our Unbundled Attorneys and our team, funded by our company’s “For Benefit” contributions.

Ginger is an app that provides immediate online access to therapists, psychiatrists and mental health coaches that can be a powerful supporting resource during difficult and challenging times.


So whenever our Unbundled Attorneys:

  • … Need someone to talk to
  • … Would like to discuss a case that is causing stress or anxiety
  • … Would like to talk through a conflict or a difficult situation in court
  • … Are feeling overwhelmed by work, deadlines and/or caseload

You now have someone to turn to that will be a resource of support and helpful guidance when you need it most.


We are excited to provide all Unbundled Attorneys, and any future attorneys that sign up with our service, a fully paid account with Ginger.

Unbundled Attorney and Ginger

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