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Is Lead Generation for Lawyers a Waste of Money, or Rocket Fuel for Growth? Here are 5 Questions to Ask

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Unbundled Attorney

by Unbundled Attorney

Lead generation can be a great source of income for your law practice, but it can also be a waste of money if you go with the wrong company and don’t ask the right questions that can inform you about the quality of leads and the quality of service you’ll receive. In this article, we review some of the most important questions to ask any lead gen service so you can ensure you’re hiring the right one. 

Question #1: What’s the expected conversion rate of the leads you’ll send me?

  • Most lawyer lead generation companies will tell you it’s not their job to convert your leads and then hesitate in giving an answer. While there’s some truth to that, a lead generation service that cares about their attorneys success will tell you that as long as you’re implementing the right systems and processes, you can expect to convert X out of every 10 leads. For us, on average, our attorneys convert 2-3 clients for every 10 leads they receive from us. We also provide a tremendously valuable onboarding experience when an attorney signs up for our service that equips them with the right systems and processes to convert as many leads as possible.

Question #2: Are your leads exclusive?

  • Many lawyer lead generation companies sell their leads to numerous attorneys so they maximize how much money they make for each lead they generate. Make sure the lead generation service you’re working with offers exclusive leads; meaning they will only sell that lead ONCE – to you, and only you. This is one of the many areas we will never compromise on. If you receive a lead from us, you can rest assured that it was only sent to you.

Question #3: Do you guarantee the quality of your leads?

  • You would be hard-pressed to find a lawyer lead generation company that will  “guarantee” their leads – we know of no other company that does, other than us. Most of them will say the onus is on you to convert the leads. While this is an unfortunate standard in the industry, we don’t believe it inspires much confidence. You should invest in a lead generation service who is willing to invest in YOU, helping you become more successful as an attorney. We consider offering a guarantee a win-win-win. It’s a win for you because you convert more of your leads, it’s a win for us because we retain attorneys as customers for much longer AND we help them help more people, and it’s a win for the lead and client because they reap the benefit of working with an attorney who cares and who can actually help them fit services offerings that are within their budget. 

Question #4: How do you get your leads and how do you qualify them?

  • This is a good one. This is where most lawyer lead generation companies will clam up and say things like, “its proprietary” or “we have authority in the marketplace” or “we can’t reveal where the leads are coming from.” We strongly feel that you have the right to know how a lead gen service gets its leads, and we’re happy to share this. For us, we attract people who are actively searching for an attorney to help them with a case and we qualify our leads by making them aware of what unbundled legal services is and how much it costs. It’s not enough to just go out and get the lead — if education is not a part of the process, you will have a harder time converting the lead because they are simply less qualified for your service. Because we offer leads exclusively to attorneys who offer unbundled legal services, we educate them on what to expect so that the attorney doesn’t have to, resulting in much higher conversion rates than other lawyer lead generation services.

Question #5: Do you offer training and support to ensure I’m successful? 

  • This is a biggie that usually goes under the radar. Be SURE to ask this question if you’re ever talking to a lawyer lead generation company and considering their services. See, most attorneys are great at being an attorney, but they’re not great at being a salesperson, a marketer, and sometimes even a business owner. This leaves a massive opportunity to help attorneys create easy-to-implement systems that make converting our leads much easier and effective. We employ a full on Attorney Success team and offer dedicated support to each and every attorney who signs on with us, starting with a robust and very helpful onboarding session. This is one of the reasons why our attorneys stay on board with us. Simply put: we care about your success.  

While there certainly could be more questions we add here, these are the five that stand out the most to us — the questions you should always ask a lawyer lead generation company before signing up for their service. We invite you to see why our attorneys stay signed up with our service and find out if there are leads available in your area. Just click here and fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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