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Unbundled Attorney is a premium lead generation service that delivers exclusive leads directly into your inbox in realtime. Let us handle the marketing so you can focus on serving your clients.

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How It Works



We use advanced search engine and social media marketing techniques to get in front of people that are actively seeking a family law, immigration, or estate planning attorney like you in their local areas.



Next, we educate the people who respond about the value and benefits of unbundled legal services, and provide them with an accurate expectation of what these services will typically cost.



Interested individuals who submit a request to be connected with an attorney will be delivered to you via email, realtime SMS Text Alert*, and directly into your Unbundled Attorney account.

*Pro Plan Only

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Join Dave Aarons, Co-Founder and CEO of Unbundled Attorney, as he shares a turn-key business system that can generate your firm a steady and consistent stream of new paying clients by leveraging internet leads and unbundled legal services.

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Access Your Leads from Any Device, Anytime

Access Your Leads from Any Device, Anytime

Integrated with Lexicata

Unbundled Attorney's integration with Lexicata allows you to access your Unbundled Attorney leads directly within your Lexicata account in real-time. Lexicata is the leading all-in-one CRM and client intake solution for lawyers.

  • Instantly receive Unbundled Attorney leads directly into your Lexicata Lead Inbox
  • Send your Unbundled Attorney leads an online intake form, schedule a consultation, request an e-signature, and more
  • Lexicata also integrates with Clio, MailChimp, Ruby Receptionist, and many others

Integrated with Clio

Unbundled Attorney's integration with Clio streamlines the fielding of new leads allowing you to focus on the work that matters. With this integration you can connect with your leads within the Clio application in just a few clicks. Experience lead generation integrated practice management.

  • New leads from Unbundled Attorney are instantly synchronized and available within your Clio account
  • Visit the Matters section to view and connect with leads instantly as they are delivered
  • Utilize the entire Clio suite of features to retain, service, and bill your leads as they become clients


Our Attorneys Love Our Leads

I started as a solo and Unbundled Attorney has been vital to our firm's growth. We typically bring in about $6-10k in new revenue a month....In my experience Unbundled Attorney is much more effective than any other online advertising I've tried.

Thomas Howery, Dallas, TX

As a sole practitioner one of my main concerns is how do I generate new leads....After I joined Unbundled Attorney what I found is that I had a constant and consistent stream of leads that has allowed me to grow my business, hire new staff, and affect my overall profit margin.

Tera Lee, Riverside, CA

My conversion rate has been 65%, and 91% of those leads have been for full representation....If there are any attorneys that are curious about signing up with Unbundled Attorney, I highly recommend it. It's really helping me grow my practice and get a lot more clients, so I'm very thankful.

Michele Bernard, Orlando, FL

See What Attorneys Like You are Saying About Us

Unbundled Attorney has given me a new thought process on how to provide document review, assisting with particular motions, and assisting with single court appearances. I have been able to bring in a lot of additional revenue that I would have missed out on.

Gary Lippow, Milwaukee, WI

The people I am able to help are very grateful. This has been a practice in a box for me. I appreciate [Unbundled Attorney] for giving me the opportunity and I encourage anyone else that's considering [Unbundled Attorney] to go ahead and give it the try that it deserves.

Henry Goodrich, Shreveport, LA

I have been with Unbundled Attorney since it's inception and I've been very pleased with the results. The people that run Unbundled Attorney are very easy to deal with and have been very responsive to any needs that I have had. I like the fact that they have no contract commitments.

Robert Manson, St. Paul, MN

Why Unbundled Legal Services

What are Unbundled Legal Services?

Unbundled legal help, also known as limited scope or discrete task representation, is where the attorney and the client make an agreement to limit the scope of the attorneys involvement in a case down to specific tasks. For example, the attorney might help the client prepare his/her court documentation or draft his/her written arguments. The attorney might also give the client step-by-step instructions on filing, court procedure, and in certain states, might enter limited appearances.

If the client cannot afford full representation, then unbundled attorneys work with the client in creative ways to deliver as much impactful service as possible within that client's limited budget.

Why Do We Care About Unbundled Legal Help?

Due to economic factors, the majority of people (about 2/3 in most jurisdictions) are representing themselves in court because they cannot afford large up-front retainer fees.

However, many of the clients that are currently filing pro se would be able to retain an attorney if the starting fee was closer to his/her budget – around $500-$1500, versus the typical $5000 all-up-front retainer required by most traditional firms.

Our mission at Unbundled Attorney is to make a significant impact in the affordability and accessibility of legal services in North America by empowering a network of attorneys with the technology, resources, and support they need to be effective at delivering unbundled legal services, and other more affordable options that the average individual can afford.

High Quality, Pre-Qualified Leads Delivered To Your Inbox - Daily!

All our lead generation and Internet marketing efforts are focused on educating clients about unbundled legal services and what they can expect to pay for these types of options.

What this means for you is that as an attorney who offers unbundled legal services, the leads you receive from Unbundled Attorney will be pre-qualified, some will already understand the concept of unbundled legal services, and the majority of them will be prepared to invest in your services today.

If you are currently offering unbundled legal services, or would be interested in integrating these options into your practice, give us a call or fill out the request form now to learn more about our services from one of our experienced team members.

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