Over the years, many lawyers interested in utilizing our services have asked to hear from other lawyers we’ve worked with about how Unbundled Attorney has helped them build their practice.

Below are some examples of Unbundled Attorneys sharing their thoughts about the quality of our leads and the dedicated support we provide:

My conversion rate has been 65%, and 91% of those are for full representation. Unbundled Attorney is really helping me grow my practice and get a lot more clients, so I'm very thankful.

- Michele Bernard, Orlando, FL

We typically bring in about $6-10k in new revenue a month... Unbundled Attorney is much more effective than any other online advertising I've tried.

- Thomas Howery, Dallas, TX

This is a great way to grow your practice. I would definitely recommend Unbundled Attorney to other attorneys.

- Natasha Sherrod, San Antonio, TX.

My experience has been good - I've been able to develop a virtual law firm through Unbundled Attorney. The support received from you has been the best part. I definitely recommend your service to other attorneys.

- Matt Morris, Los Angeles, CA

I started with Unbundled Attorney 1 year ago with just myself, and we're now up to 3 attorneys and a full staff. I attribute our growth to Unbundled Attorney. If you are thinking about using their service, give them a call. I literally could not have done it without the help from them, it has been a terrific experience.

- Andrew Levine, Portland OR

I've been working with Unbundled Attorney for 5 years, and the #1 thing they've helped me with is getting a consistent source of leads who are actually looking for help. They also offer a lot of support to help you convert leads.

- Bobby Buchanan, Chicago, IL

Over the last 7 years, I've worked with Unbundled Attorney in helping my clients receive greater access to justice. If you're interested in helping more people gain better access to justice and have more representation in courts, I recommend Unbundled Attorney.

- Anthony Saunders, West Jordan, UT

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